Signs a Capricorn man wants to break up

Capricorn men are wise, intelligent and mature people. They just don’t break relationships because they don’t want it any more. Instead there is always a solid point behind their coldness. 

Capricorns are genuine lovers. When in love, they are always pure and honest toward their loved ones. Capricorn has shy nature and they don’t talk much about how much they love you. Even if they have said it once, they mean it for lifetime. Only lucky ones get Capricorn as their life partners. 

But if the coin has turned and there is no way that you two could be together than you should learn to accept it. If Capricorn man has decided to leave you, he will leave you. No matter what happens. His decision is 99.9% not changeable. Learning the fact and moving on will give you peace and courage in life. 

If love has faded away, there will always be the signs of break-up. You just need to pick up those hints and realize the truth. 

If you want to know the signs a Capricorn man wants to break up than here are some

He doesn’t seem involved 

Capricorns are shy people but they are always present for their loved ones. If a Capricorn man does not seem involved than he is actually not involved. There is a huge difference between shyness and being distant. If you think he is not there, than its better to accept that he is gone long ago and keeping his body with you, will never make you win his soul too. Let him go. 

He doesn’t trust you any more

Capricorn trusts only their loved ones. They are never emotionally available for anyone outside their comfort zone. If he is in to you, he will take your shoulder. But not trusting you anymore with his secrets or even general things is a big siren for you. He is going to break the bonds very soon. 

He is heart broken 

Good byes for Capricorn are toughest decisions. They leave loved ones with heavy heart. If you have ever broken their trust, they are not going to emotionally invest again in you. Sooner or later they will pick up the pieces and vanish from your life with scars on their heart. So if you have really hurt them badly and you are unable to make-up again than it is a clear sign, our heart broken goat will run away. 

He doesn’t praise or appreciate you any more 

Capricorns are big support for their loved ones. They provide them support, motivate them to go forward in life and appreciate them for their achievements. If a Capricorn is silent for all these things,  raise your eyebrows because something is surely wrong. We think he want to break up with you. 

You are not the right fit

Capricorn men think six dimensional before investing in any relationship. If someone doesn’t seem fit, they will not take the burden to be with them. 

So if a Capricorn thinks, you are not right for him than he truly wants to break the ties with you. 

If you are getting any hint that Capricorn man doesn’t want relationship anymore and wants to break up with you, be wise. Let them go. It will be better for both of you. Leave and move forward. 

Good bye senorita!