Here are some of the capricorn traits that make them true Gems. Among all the zodiacs, traits of Capricorns are the ones we surely need in our life.

Capricorn personality traits are the most precious ones. They are ambitious, practical, organized, well mannered and goal oriented. They have a personality that anyone can dream of. People who have this horned goat in their life know their true worth and will never want to let them go.

Distinctive Capricorn Positive Personality Traits

1- Leader:

We all know that Capricorn is born leaders. They have abilities to lead and rule. Dealing with a crowd in a most appropriate way is their best quality. They can rule hearts, people and this whole world. They are true leaders and everyone is happy with their ruling as their leadership qualities of Capricorn are well known and publicly accepted.

2- Professionals:

Capricorn description is they are very professional and they know how to keep things align both personally and professionally .Their balanced personality keeps them satisfied on both ends. It makes them a strong person who knows how to manage things perfectly.

3- Golden heart:

Capricorn people are the most honest and loyal people. They have a pure heart and a shinning soul. You will never find another person so honest and lovable. Capricorn are direct people. They demand nothing in return but just the same level and intensity of loyalty and honesty. They can handle a heart break but not betrayal.

They have a heart so kind that they can literally let you go without holding any grudge. Once you trust them about your choices and liking, they will always respect it regardless of what they want personally.

4- Lover

Capricorn male and female takes love and commitments seriously. Once in a relationship, they will give attention and importance to people in their life. Their partner is truly lucky as Capricorn will do anything to make their loved ones happy. They can go beyond limits and horizons just to bring smiles on their loved one’s faces. Consider yourself truly lucky if your partner is a Capricorn because you will surely enjoy all the perks of “being a lover”. They are never going to miss any opportunity to make you feel special and worthy.

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5- Great friends:

A Capricorn friend is what you are looking for in a companionship. They make great friends. You can always trust a Capricorn friend as they are friends in need.

They will always be there for you to cheer you up, to hold you,  to cherish your success and be there for you in your down times. Capricorn are a complete “friend package”. You will love their company and will enjoy your time with them.  They know how to live fully and how to drag their companions in rides of craziness and joy.

6- Patient:

People say patience is a key to virtue and it fits well with Capricorn. They are not only patient but very well managed also. Capricorn can wait patiently for what they want to achieve and in result no one can keep them away from the fruits of patience. Their calmness and quietness always has deep meaning. Capricorns have a focused and to the point approach which keeps them energetic and motivated. Their goals are only their patience away.

7- Realistic and Thoughtful:

Capricorns are witty and realistic people. They don’t set fake or in achievable targets. Sensible approach is necessary in many matters and a Capricorn has it.  Their boat keeps on floating because they know how much to load and when to unload.

They have ability to mend up the holes and to listen to the voices of sea.  Capricorn personality in your life will always make your living comfortable because they know the worth of practicality and reality.  Fake standards and targets brings nothing but unhappiness and discomfort in life.  Capricorn people always think real and try to be practical which sometimes makes loss handling easy and it is good for inner satisfaction in life.

8- Protective in nature:

Capricorns are sometimes taken as conservative people but it is their sense of security which keeps them protective. Their protective nature helps them in being responsible.

These were some of the positive Capricorn traits they have but Capricorns have some flaws also like every other human being and these doesn’t make them “imperfect”. In fact it makes their personality complete.

Capricorn Negative Traits

Capricorn may be dictatorial sometimes:

Capricorns have leadership abilities and we all know it but there sense of power and urge to rule can make them dictator sometimes which will cause negativity of course but with some understanding Capricorn can be handled well.

Capricorn are unimaginative sometimes:

Capricorn has a well directed and practical approach. They believe in practicality of things which makes them unimaginative sometimes because they don’t dream.  Dreaming is sometimes healthy as it opens new doors to imagination and creativity and a way too practical approach can make a person highly unimaginative.

Their partner needs to understand this aspect of their personality otherwise it can lead to serious relationship problems. Diving deep is good but one should try flying sometimes.  Wings can break chains and Capricorn loves the chains of reality…. Ooopsss attention needed!

Capricorn can be stubborn sometimes:

Being focused, determined and aligned is good but not always. Insisting on things can give a smell of stubbornness and people who are not flexible can make others run away from them.

We have told you the negative and positive traits of Capricorn. Now we are not gender biased at all but females and males have different aspects of personality. Capricorn males and females are also not differentiated but “categorized” by these different aspects.


Capricorns are sometimes considered pessimistic in their attitude towards life since they find it hard to seek for ways to go against the odds. Therefore, even after achieving goals the best of their abilities, they still think of themselves as the under-achievers.


Capricorns traits are generally stubborn and rigid. They believe that what they say or do is correct and have no room to accommodate opinions of others once their minds are made up. They rarely change their viewpoints and outlooks on something.


Although Capricorns have very good communication skills, they are generally considered to be shy individuals. Hence, it’s not surprising when we see them taking their sweet time to open up to the best buddies only.


Capricorns are mostly found to be self centered and opinionated. While assessing a situation or circumstance, they always put themselves first and ponder over its outcome like how the situation will it affect them, will it be beneficial to them or not etc. They are extremely conscious of how the events around their lives will affect them, causing others to think that they are selfish.


Capricorns do not get close to others beyond a certain point until they are fully comfortable and aware of the other person’s personality and might be highly detached people who shall not get close to others beyond the certain point until they can understand these ones clearly. As a consequence, emotional involvement will not come to them easily.


Capricorns are extremely moody as per their Horoscope. They may be humorous and witty one moment, while irritable and sullen the next minute. These mood swings may sometimes prove so serious that may ruin anything for them and this is highly negative traits of capricorn.


Many people consider Capricorns to be insensitive and indifferent towards the needs of others. This lack of sensitivity drives the Capricorn to lose scores in the scale of some emotional star signs like Pisceans and Cancerians.


Another negative characteristically of the Capricorn is their interest in material things. This sometimes may be exaggerated and overcome them with greed and avarice.

Overbearing and Pushy:

A Capricorn Personality thinks they know what is best for everyone and in this process may become too bossy. A typicality Capricorn tries to correct others rather than amending his own faults and ways.

Capricorn Strengths:

Capricorn are intelligent people. They have patience and stamina. This trait helps them a lot in life. They are born leaders and understand things well. Capricorn people have the strength of “being pure” among all zodiacs. Their loyalty and honesty attracts people to them.

Capricorn people have crystal clear soul and they are genuine lovers. Their maturity level not only adds up to their strengths but it also makes things easy and feasible for them. Due to their strength of being positive and pure, they earn genuine people in life and are mostly surrounded by people they love.

Capricorn Weakness:

Capricorn are determinant and ambitious people but this trait also boosts their stubborn nature. Due to stubborn nature, Capricorn loses many things in life. Once they decide to leave or accept something, they will stick to it even if it causes them reasonable harm. Capricorn also doesn’t trust people very soon because they fear heartbreak but they need to understand that sometimes “lessons learned” are important than prevention.

Not trusting people can stop many genuine friends from entering in their life. Another weakness of Capricorn people is their shyness and introvert nature which creates communication problems for them.

Capricorn Likes:

Capricorn likes people who are intelligent and practical. Intelligence is sexy for them and they are highly attracted to people who have a rational and practical approach towards life. Capricorn people like the company of friends who can uplift and motivate them. Loyalty is also their favorite. They themselves are very honest people and like to be treated with the same level of respect and devotion.

Capricorn likes to be surrounded by genuine people and those who can bring positivity in their life. Money is another addiction to them. Capricorn likes to earn money and stay financially stable in life.

Capricorn Dislikes:

Capricorns have a strong disapproval for people who love to gossip and make things worst with their babbling nature. They themselves are practical and rational people so they like to be surrounded by the company of wise and mature beings.

Short-tempered people are also big no for Capricorn. They hate people who think less and act more. Showing temper and anger is like weakness to them and they dislike situations and people where emotions dominate practicality. Laziness and unnecessarily delaying of work is also not their trait and they dislike people who practice this in task.

Capricorn Love and Romance 

Capricorns are very genuine people when it comes to love. They love wholeheartedly and gives their hundred percent to relationship. Capricorn fear heartbreak that is why they try not to fall in love too soon or very often but it all depends on their luck and of course cupid.

Arrow in the right spot changes their world completely and they transform themselves into a person who is completely willing to take relationship seriously. In love, Capricorn is a very mature and caring person. They handle their responsibilities very well and that is why their loved ones feel special around them.

Capricorn is shy and introvert but it doesn’t mean that they don’t like to be intimate or romantic with their loved ones. Sexually, Capricorn people are very fond of a partner who can understand their dark side and provide them with all the kinky pleasure they need. They themselves are more practical than fantasizing things.

In making love, Capricorn needs to work on orgasm and learn about how to heat up things. Overall, they are good in making love but for extra spice, they need another partner to initiate so that they can understand the desires and needs of their companion.

Capricorn Friends and Family 

Capricorn is a very good friend. They are always there in need and no one can deny their pure and honest friendship. One can always count on Capricorn. They are true friends and provide shoulder in need. Capricorns are very good secret keepers. You can tell them anything and they will try to find a solution for you. It is soothing to have a Capricorn friend in life.

Capricorn will make your life literally easy by taking half of your psychological burdens. Being good listeners they will listen to your every problem and will own it as if it is their own problem. With a Capricorn friend in your life, you don’t need to worry about anything.

Other than problems, Capricorn also provides you with all the fun that one can have with friends. You can have a lot of adventure, travel, and enjoyment when Capricorn friend is around you. Together, your friendship bond can reach new heights.

Capricorns are family people and value their relationships. They are very sensitive towards their family. Capricorn will do anything to provide comfort and luxury to their loved ones.

As Capricorn people focus on being financially stable so that they can fulfill every need of their loved ones, they are always respected at home. Our goat people try to take the best care of their families.

Capricorn people don’t take their family for granted and pour every inch of their hard work for the betterment of their overall family life. Usually, Capricorn is “protectors of the realms”.

A Capricorn head of the family will never let any harm come near his loved ones. A Capricorn mother is very loving and caring towards her children. She is a responsible lady who raises her children well. She keeps her children protected and teaches them all the values.

Capricorn Traits Male:

Capricorn male are serious, bossy, focused and slightly conservative as well. They are honest and work quietly to achieve their goals. They may not be very talkative but know how to drag attention of crowd.

Capricorn Traits Female:

Capricorn woman are brave, firm, strong and determined. Their urge for power makes them a true warrior. These women know how to compete and win.

Whether it be a man or a woman, Capricorns have a strong personality traits and one cannot deny their presence. They make their existence worth remembering. With all the negative and positive mixes, Capricorns are truly a package one should consider to take in their life.

Capricorn Woman Compatibility:

Capricorn Man Compatibility:

what are Capricorns like?

– Reserved with their emotions, takes a while for them to truly open up.
– Sarcastic with a humor you’ll either love or hate.
– Strives for respect, accomplishments and financial security.
– Pretty damn determined, even though they can self-doubt a lot.
– Can be outgoing if it serves a purpose.
– No time for frivolous mind games.