Capricorn man ignoring me after argument

Capricorns are not very fond of drama and conflict. When they have an argument they tend to keep their calm as much as possible. But if the argument is heated up enough! Oops… 

Capricorn are sane people and don’t start argument at first. Nor they like themselves to indulge in any fight. Instead they like things to be easy going and smooth. But there are certain things where they can also lose their cool. 

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Capricorn and fights

Capricorn men are disciplined, peace loving and rational people. They have natural talent to handle bad situations. And most of the time they are one who fix the situation. Capricorn men don’t indulge in fights۔ 

But when they think now it’s time, you will witness a fierce thunderstorm damaging till last level of your expectations. 

When Capricorns fight, they fight like a warrior. And they are not going to give up in argument before winning it. After it they may throw you out of their lives forever. But they will definitely do not forget to teach you good lesson first. 

What Capricorn is going to do after the fight? 

If you had heating argument with Capricorn, they will teach you good lesson first. And if they are annoyed enough. We doubt they will stay. A Capricorn hates it when someone drags them to their limits.

Usually it is very hard for them to come back. Your sincere apology and try to change may bring them back but we are not sure. Once gone is forever gone for Capricorn. 

Capricorn man ignoring me after argument

What else do you expect from Capricorn man after an argument? Of course they will ignore you to hell. They are not going to bend down if they think they are right. And they will never come back if their heart is broken. 

Winning a Capricorn man takes time. And once lost, you have lost them forever lady. Now don’t try to win them back again. It will hurt you only. 

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After an argument if a Capricorn man is ignoring you, be alert.  Stop him before he says good bye forever. Otherwise you will keep waiting for him and he will not come back ever. 

If you have sensed a wave of rage in them, and you don’t want to loose them either than try to calm them down. You can


Apologize from them as soon as possible. A simple apology can save many hardships in a relation. Or you may never get a chance. 

Hug them tight

Capricorn like it when their loved ones show them love. If two have had enough fight, now its time to make up. Hug them and cheer them up. 

Give them attention 

An angry Capricorn, ignoring you badly is craving for your attention only. Give them time and love so that they can forget about bitter memories. 

Don’t do it again

Regular fighting is not a Capricorn man thing. And soon they will start thinking to move on in life. Simple conflicts are normal in life. But heated arguments that too daily will make Capricorn man change his direction. And he can leave you for this.