How to get a Capricorn man to chase you

Capricorn men are very lazy and “rude” when it comes to expressions. They are bad in saying things and keep them hidden in their heart. So in order to know how to get a Capricorn man to chase you, you need to do things that can spice up his motivation. 

If you are in love with Capricorn man, you are lucky girl because Capricorn men are very protective and caring in nature. The only thing they lack is that “college boy romance”. 

Capricorn men will show their love through their silent care. If you want a Capricorn man to give you attention and chase you than.

Be mature first 

Because Capricorn man is not going to stand on roads for long hours to wait for your college hours to end. And neither will he stand either in heavy rain in front of your house to get your attention. So fancy Capricorn love but don’t fancy filmy situations. 

Only a mature lady can understand Capricorn man’s love. And once she will have the key to his heart, he will automatically come to chase her. 

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Be optimistic 

Yes, it may sound strange but you need to be optimistic to cheer up Capricorn man. Capricorn men hate people who look for their flaws and keep on pointing out mistakes. Constant criticism can do permanent damage to their personality.

So if they will find a woman, who can like them and appreciate them for what they are, they will definitely chase her. 

Pass the loyalty test

Capricorn men when committed are very loyal. They want same level of commitment from other partner. For this they will keep checking you for some time. Capricorn men don’t give their heart very easily. They are afraid that someone might break it.

So if they are seriously planning for you to be their partner, they will make sure that you are committed and loyal enough not to break their heart ever. Pass their loyalty test and Capricorn man will go to any extent to chase you. 

Be unique

Capricorn men are unique themselves. They want a partner who can understand them in their way. Capricorn men have high expectations from their partner because they themselves are very perfectionist. If they have already chosen you, you must be very special and unique. 

A common filmy, possessive and immature lady is not their type. Stand out of crowd and they will chase you to horizons. 

Be sensible and let them chase you

Always remember that Capricorn have a secretive side that they want to hide from others. Capricorn men want to keep things personal and hate it when someone pokes in their privacy. 

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So let a Capricorn man chase you. If you will go to him, trust us he will get annoyed and may even throw you out from their personal space. 

Dress well

There is Japanese saying that “number of wrinkles on person’s dress tells about his flaws”. This is right about Capricorns. Capricorns are well maintained people. They like to dress nicely and accordingly. 

Capricorns are always up to date and well dressed. People who dress well give a nice image of their personality. Capricorn will definitely come to chase such people who know how to portray their persona publicly.