Why Capricorn man suddenly distant

We all know Capricorn man can be moody or arrogant but we can’t deny the fact that Capricorn male is no doubt a man of principles. If a Capricorn man suddenly distant than there must be something bothering him a lot.

A Capricorn man is although hard to predict but one should be sure that Capricorn man focus on principles rather than ego. Capricorn is like a mystery and we need to explore him layer by layer.

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A Capricorn man suddenly distant when

He doesn’t feel secure any more 

Capricorn men are shy and introvert when it comes to speaking their heart out. They don’t share much of their stuff or what is going on in their thoughts. Capricorn men become insecure when someone hurt their feelings or break their trust. They become distant and cold. Trust is like life line for them. They don’t trust anyone easily and if they do, breakage of trust will not only break their heart but also their confidence. They can’t live with insecurities and create a distance between them and their partner. 

He is analyzing you

Capricorn men are perfectionist. They don’t want any mess in life. Even before choosing partner they will analyze each and every aspect. They will weigh down all the choices and select the best option available. If Capricorn man seems distant it might be because he is testing you quietly. Don’t misjudge his distance with his lack of affection for you. He may like you but pretend to be cold and distant just because you are under his watch and he is observing you. 

He is protecting himself

Capricorn men are very sensitive from inside. Only they know that their heart is fragile and their soul is innocent. They fear losing people and they are afraid to get hurt. Capricorn men tend to build walls around them. People think they are arrogant and distant but it is their way of protecting themselves. Capricorn men don’t build connections very easily. But once in relationship they will give their hundred percent. Capricorn men have crystal clear heart and they are pure by nature. They may seem distant but it is their protection shield that protects them for getting emotionally damaged. 

They are this way

Capricorn men don’t like to open up about themselves. They like to keep things hidden. Even when madly in love, don’t expect all that lovey-dovey stuff from them. They are cold and distant by nature. It is not like that they don’t feel about anything. They just don’t want to tell about anything.  It might take ages for them to open up in front of their loved ones. Capricorn is born this way that they seem cold and distant at times. 

They are slow

Laziness is in their blood. They are lazy in all aspects. Capricorn take things forward very slowly. Even when the situation demands being active they will sound cold and careless. Because all the activity is going in their head and people think Capricorns are distant. So in general, Capricorn men may seem distant because firstly they are born this way and secondly there is a valid reason behind it.