How Do Capricorns Express Anger

Learn How to deal with an angry Capricorn

1: Capricorn get really quite and moody

 And beating around the bush instead of being straight forward about why we are angry, but

be careful, it’s a signal we they have a tornado brewing up inside that’s ready to unleash,

They are just waiting for more evidence to back their statement up by taking down scores

that will have one up on you on every angle. I know because I have 3 Capricorns in my

house and they all do it.!!

2: Don’t try to Approach us, It would only get worse.

Just let us be.. for a while.. wait until we talk again.. and then everything will be alright

once we are able to talk, but the same time we feel don’t leave us alone another’s way we

thought that no one care about us. So it’s too confusing to know a Capricorns.

3: When We Capricorns are angry

We are sarcastic, low voice (apparently calm). Silent but when we starting spitting it I can’t stop.

4: We Capricorns being quiet while gathering our thoughts or we’ll just take off beating ass.

It just depends on what level of passivity we are in Lol. Relationship wise we will still stay

silent for a minute than we will show our natural born ass which will shock our mate

because we’ll keep going and going!

5: By bottling it up and getting very quiet.

And then bursting out when we can’t take it anymore and then feeling bad about it 😂 Or

we just express ourselves honestly because we appreciate honesty and genuineness. So if

ever you get us mad, hope you catch us on one of our healthy coping mechanism days😂😅

6: We invented 0-100.

If we’re silent leave us alone. Our silence means you have pissed

us off to where we don’t even want to respond to you. We’re like a pissed off rattlesnake.

Just keep poking and see wtf happens.

7: If We Capricorns not physical.

Than The verbal effect is something deep you will feel each word like a bullet

through your chest to the point people won’t be able to ever look at themselves the same.

This Cap personally ain’t what u want.

8: We Capricorns either blow the hell up after constant anger or we remain silent.

During our episodes of anger however we lash out on our environment whether it be

punching walls or screaming at people around us. Not really an in between moment.

9: Mostly we Capricorns tend to walk away rather than blowing up on someone.

Don’t want to say things that we will regret later. But… in the event that someone pushed

us over the edge like hurting us physically, you bet we will fight until our last breath. So it

all depends on the situation.

10: We Capricorns go silent because we are processing our emotions, trying to rationalize, view it from each way, usually 2-3 days.

We will then either apologize for our wrongs or give you the wrath of my fury over your

wrongs. Either way, shit gets sorted! And if we don’t value you, We don’t even give you

our processing time, you become invisible. 😀

11: It’s kind of fascinating for Capricorns.

Our mood drops to absolutely zero, We start behaving completely out of character while my

brain is analyzing every aspect and scenario of what’s bothering me, once We know that we

are RIGHT for feeling this way.

12: Some Caps may have a special Revengability.

They get angry mostly quietly, spend hours plotting revenge and after going around in

circles thinking of things where they wont get caught they give up. Then the

witchcraft/wizardry works and something usually happens to our offender without our doing

anything! Only works if we really very very angry.

13: We tell you exactly how we feel, no matter how bad it is.

We need to spend a lot of time on our own, working, and accomplishing things until we calm down.

14: Generally, a Capricorn would hide their anger.

Most of the time they will flat out ignore you. They will take some time to sort things out.

they do care who they are shouting at, or when, or where. when its time to loose the cool

they will try hard to stay calm but at those moment when the anger does take over they

get mad.

15: why do Capricorns get angry easily

We Capricorns have no chill when it comes to pissing us off

because we can be very rude and straight forward with the truth we been hiding and tell u

every single honest thought we had about the person that pissed us off. And if and when

we become violent it ain’t pretty. Bless the Capricorn :-P. We are very good at holding it

down until our chill is gone, that’s for sure.

16: Definitely quiet.

Nothing to say. On the inside, definitely festering about whatever it is.

Sometimes completely cut off whoever has made me mad depending on who it is.

Capricorn has no problem being alone. But if it’s family or close friend, I can be tactful if I

need to and depending on their response, I can BLOW up!

17: When we had enough in our anger zone

Its more than a nuclear radiation. Warning all Capricorns anger zone are off limit till further notice.

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