What Does Love Mean To Capricorns

Lets check out What Does Love Mean To Capricorn’s. A good relationship is when two people accept each other’s past, support each others present, and love each other enough to encourage each others future.

Real love is knowing someone weaknesses and not taking advantage of them. Knowing their flaws and accepting who they are.

we conduct a survey and put this question in front of Capricorn Family we have on Facebook.  And in return we get some serious replies from all our Capricorn fans around the world. Below you can find 12 most common responses of Capricorns from across the world.

Keep Knowing and Enjoying! 🙂 Share with Friends and Family.

1: For Capricorn Love is Loyalty, honesty, trust, security (not money), commitment, communication, and friendship!

2: For Capricorn Love is unconditional, considerate, caring, selfless energy for someone. It’s knowing how to be fully supportive of their life, and when to step in.

3: For Capricorn Love is something that can’t be bought or stolen. Love is something that can be given to only one. Love holds, protects, nurtures and cares.

4: When a Capricorn loves . . They love hard ! But we all expects loyalty, respect and a lot of affection.

5: For Capricorns love is the reason to live beautifully. Love is a reason to be successful, Love is a reason to stay tuned for love they can do everything but love should be real not a fake one.

6: For Capricorn Love is Sacrifice, Pain, Betrayal, Sacrifice of all privacy, dreams, and personal achievement.

7: For Capricorn Love is Vodka. 😀

8: For Capricorn Love is Everything.

9: Oh wow, love? I think for Capricorns, this day and age ,its considered obsolete. We hold true to customs and traditional values that we saw work for people in our lives that we were close to and depended on.

Those days are gone, so Capricorns have to forge ahead with their values, once we find another to hold sacred that which we deem sacred, and for their own happiness not just ours, i think that the test, do we feel ready to reciprocate?

And if so, we believe we have found love. Most of the time we find love in some deep way whenever we choose. Its not hard for us to find something about someone to entice us to love them more, its about if they can love us the way we love them.

10: For Capricorns Love means eternity, in conditional. One loves one person for life. It’s like the love from kids to parents, it is unconditional and forever. When one loves a woman/man it is forever no matter what.

11: For Capricorns It means two words. Two words that open the flood gates to so many ways to show it. Every trait from tradition to urban. It shows pure rarity in every sense of the term! True Love to this Capricorn means “Self Sacrifice! Everything that she wants to do is done.

She’s your Queen. If you’ve wanted to see a movie but she wants to see one you don’t? You do what you don’t want to and still see it because what you ultimately want to do. Is make her happy! You truly put the loves of her heart before your own! That my Capricorn friends; is what true love means to me!

12: Means, jumping through hoops. Proving yourself over and over. Then, once trust will have your back protect you to the death. You can do no wrong.

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