How To Make A Capricorn Man Obsessed With You

How To Make A Capricorn Man Obsessed With You and Fall In Love

How to make a Capricorn Man obsessed with you?

A Capricorn man is not like other men. He is that rare person who is difficult to get along with. Why?

Well, here are a few reasons:

A: Capricorn men are quiet and silent. They do not share their feelings with anyone that is

why it is difficult to crack them open and see through them. In such circumstances it is

difficult to get into the comfort zone and move things ahead.

B: They are very practical. They do not fall for anybody and even if they do, you are never

sure about anything.

Now in this case, if you are a lady and you are completely smitten with his love, you need

to do a few things so that your Capricorn man will become obsessed by you. Here is a

checklist that you can follow:

  1. Talk to him about Family:

Capricorn men are family oriented. It would be great if you can talk to him about his family,

care for them and let him know that you feel for family as much as he feels for it. This way

he would know that you are a responsible woman and you will love is family as much as he

does. Your metal stability and groomed personality will be signalized.

  1. Put your Faith in him:

You have to show him that you trust him because this is what he needs to know. You can

sit back and relax while he will take care of everything because he has always wanted to be

that man for his woman. Capricorn men are generally intelligent and like to take the driving

seat. If you will let him do that, he will be always at your service.

  1. Humor must be appreciated:

A Capricorn man is a man of wits. He likes to make witty jokes and baffle people with his

intelligence. Humor comes at the top of the list when you have to dazzle people with your

brilliant remarks. If you will show your Capricorn man how much you enjoy his witty

humor, he would worship you. He would want to be around you because he will feel free

and appreciated for who he is.

  1. Understand him, listen to him:

He will not talk about himself to anyone. Capricorn men are very limited in sharing their

inner self but with their woman, they want to be completely free and honest. He will not

feel judged and that is the sign of feeling unconditionally loved. If you will be all ears when

he shares his deepest secrets and desires, he will be yours forever. This will only happen

not because he feels vulnerable but because he feels stronger and he feels protected,


These are only few things but they play a key role in getting your Capricorn man to be

yours forever. He will feel confident about you and no one else would be able to take your

place in his life ever.

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