Why Do Capricorns Pull Away – Due To Solid Reasons

Why Do Capricorns Pull Away because when Capricorn feel insecure about something or when they feel like some one is pushing them away.

Because Capricorn Haven’t got time for Bullshit

Haven’t got time for bullshit and stupid people who are just a waste of time, or people who just talk to you when they want something.

Because when Capricorn feel Insecure

Capricorns tend to pull away when they feel insecure about something or when they feel like some one is pushing them away, we tend to feel so much pride in ourselves where we do not let any one get us to our breaking point. When we pull we do for good. We never turn back time. We are one of a kind. It also depends on who you are as an individual. Every human has different perspectives in life that we do whats best for our selves.

Because Capricorn Get Scared

Because we get scared of investing into people and things that aren’t worth it. We are afraid of being hurt and we’ll be damned if we will be someone’s fool. So at the first sign of foolishness bullshit or this may not be what I thought it was. we’re out!

Because Capricorn Hate on Dis-loyalty

I hate for someone to break the code of loyalty.
If u break the code of ethics, moral or anything that we stand Strong about, then we treat you as cold as ice.
Mental funeral lol.
You are done forever

Because Capricorn have No Time for Bad 

We pull away because,

1: No time for bs.

2: We see the potential they are not living up to.

3: We realize they are no good for us.

4: We have trust issues.

5: Our pessimistic side takes over and we forget we deserve happiness.

Capricorn pull away when they feel Claustrophobic

We pull away when we feel claustrophobic and need a break from everyone. Also when we get annoyed by people. Love being a Capricorn!

Because Capricorn are Overworked Always

We are overworked always.. we get exhausted physically and mentally rarely.. when mentally we have reached our limits and cannot bear an extra decimal more.. we pull away.. we know taking one more thing will cause harsh actions and words.. so we choose to be quiet and pull away, it’s our natural self defense to protect ourselves and our relationships. Capricorns are passionate and deep. so we feel the same.. but when we are ill treated and betrayed we find it difficult to explain the depth of such hard times.. when our endurance is tested we pull away.

Because Capricorn Need Time to Process Things

To prevent mental damage. We need time to process things we disagree with or if we see someone’s full of it. A lot of times we know instantly that we don’t want to deal with a person anymore and we don’t question it. Just bye

Because Capricorn  Acknowledge Their Surroundings First

Capricorn acknowledge their surroundings and take them under consideration given most circumstances in life. Some choices we make are plan out ignorant for others until they truly see what you can do if your minds put to it.

Because When Capricorn not Being Appreciated 

Capricorn pull away when they realize that they are treated as taken for granted, not being appreciated, and when they have a sense of betrayal.

Because When Capricorn Hurt

I pull away when someone hurt me or mistreated me. I shut myself off to protect myself and re balance. Obviously if you are disloyal, lying or generally fake person I will remove you from my circle

Because They Don’t Deserve Capricorn

Because some people are full of shit and don’t deserve a Capricorn’s time and energy.

Because Capricorn Self Development is Important

Because our self development is more important. We like sustainability, and if someone proves that they’re an idiot we pull away

Because Due to Any Reasons

Sometimes there is no explanation. Capricorns are loners by nature. They will come back out to play when they are ready.

Because Capricorn Love Hard

Capricorns pull away because when they love they love hard. So when the next significant do not put in the same we out ijs

Because Capricorn believe in Truth

We always tell people We don’t care how bad the truth is if you lie to us at all we are done. We go from a chill easy person to fire in the blood most people can’t be real they want to pussy foot around shit . No Thanks

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