10 Ways to handle Capricorn Personality for Relationship


Capricorn is the sign of the earth. This makes nothing more important than family for

Capricorn. Their ruler planet is Saturn and Mars. Being under the Mars make them relay

passionate. Capricorn personality is very closely bound to the traditional and basic moral

values. They are calculative and risk takers, both at the same time. Every move they tend

to take is Pre-planned. The most prominent positive traits of a Capricorn personality are

practicality and dedication to success. The negative traits of Capricorns include

pessimism and stubborn. Capricorn relationships are known to be most compatible with

Taurus, Cancer, and Virgo.

Capricorn Personality Traits For Relationship:

The following are the most evident and obvious personality traits of a Capricorn. Capricorn

male personality and Capricorn women personality both exhibit these traits at some

time in life.

  • Stubborn and Self-centered
  • Devoted and Loyal
  • Emotional and romantic
  • Gloomy and Pessimist
  • Focused
  • Faithful and sincere
  • Responsible
  • Ambitious and determined

Understanding the Capricorn Men

The Capricorn personality male is determined and focused. They are very ambitious and

will go over the top to achieve their dreams and goals. However, this is their practical and

career-related behavior. With family and friends, they are very humble and loving.

Capricorn personality regardless of gender is very down-to-earth.

Capricorn Men in Relationships

One of the most prominent and worth praising characteristics of a Capricorn male

personality is their patience and calm with their partner. They are faithful and loyal and

believe in long-term associations.

Understanding the Capricorn Women

The Capricorn personality female in love is extremely loving, devoted and faithful. A

woman born under this sun sign is believed to be very intelligent and normally build great

careers. Capricorn women are strong and never will you see a Capricorn woman shed

tears in public. They are very practical and goal-oriented. The greatest fear of women born

under the influence of Saturn and Mars is rejection, failure and being hurt. So they keep

themselves well protected and guarded in their shell and only reveal their inner child in

front of people they love most deeply. Capricorn women are very emotional and get hurt

very easily. She is very guarded and takes her time to open up to the people she trusts

most deeply. You may mean the world to a Capricorn woman, but she will never really tell

you that. She does not like to reveal her weaknesses to people, even not to the people who

are close to her heart.

Capricorn Women in Relationships

Capricorn female relationships are steady, smooth and long lasting. They don’t believe

in a time-to-time fling. They look for true love in their life and if once found, they will stick

to it till their last breath. They fear being cheated and cannot handle rejection.That is why

Capricorn personality tends to take things slow and steady.

10 ways to handle a Capricorn Personality for Relationship


Capricorns are very emotional but yet very strong. They don’t tend to cry very often, but

when they do, they want a shoulder to cry on. Be prepared to be that shoulder they can

put their head down when they need to!

Goal Oriented

Capricorns are goal-oriented and can be workaholics at times. Patience is the key at these times.

Born Leaders

Capricorns are born leaders so if you wish that you relationship with them blooms, you must follow their lead.

Great Friends

They are great friends. So if you want to keep your Capricorn happy, be on the good side with their friends.

Very Demanding

Capricorns can be very demanding. You should be able to give them all the attention they need and when they need it.

Materialistic in a Positive Sense

Capricorn women most specifically can be materialistic so all the men out there, be ready to shower them with plentiful gifts.

So Moody

Capricorns are stubborn and moody. So don’t mess with them when they are having their little private moment.


Capricorns are dominant and hate losing. The best way to charm them is to avoid all sorts of arguments with them.


They are much disciplined and can be neat freaks! Don’t mess around their house and keep everything clean around them.


They are guarded and take their time to open up. Make them feel that you love them no less and are willing to wait all life for them.