Why Capricorns Are So Guarded

Get information on Why Capricorns are so Guarded. Capricorn don’t trust people due to

their feelings being thrown back on their face later on down the road. We Capricorns are

protecting ourselves from being hurt by another person. All the caps I know (myself

included) take great pleasure in being brutally honest. It’s much more fun to tell the truth

and hurt your feelings. Capricorns are heavily guarded because they fear rejections.

They select their friends very carefully and few of them get to know the other side of

Capricorn. To make this more accurate we put this question in front of Capricorn Family we

have on Facebook. And in return we get some authentic and most common replies from all

our Capricorn fans around the world against this query:

 Why Capricorns are so Guarded. Reasons are given below:

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