10 Reasons Why are Capricorns so Moody

Lets find out Why are Capricorns so Moody. As you may have experienced that people have different personalities. They come in all forms and shapes. There is disparity in behavior, thinking and act to do something. Capricorns are those who continuously go through mood swings. Here you will read why are Capricorns so moody. What are those factors that cause mood shifts in Capricorns?

Capricorns hate liars

Capricorns dislike when someone lies to them. This is true especially when they are in a relationship. When someone tries to deceive them, they become moody. They avoid such people who are not serious with them.

Annoying people

Another reason that makes the Capricorn have mood swings is that they are under attack. When they are surrounded by annoying people, they become restless. They want to be in a good company that is entertaining and valuable. They dislike those who impose their thoughts over others.

Discouraging friends

When Capricorns feel that they are continually being let down by their dear ones, they become moody. They want to stay motivated and don’t like when someone close to them discourages. They should be with those friends who motivate them to bring out the best.


Capricorns are fed up with those who don’t understand them. They don’t like to push relationships forcibly. They need to let things go smooth and clear. They want to be with mindful people who readily comprehend what message their Capricorn friend is going to convey.

Senseless clan

When Capricorns feel they are in a group of people who are idiots, they tend to be moody. They want to shut out with those whose behavior is senseless. Capricorns like intelligent people. They take life seriously and want to stay away from stupid people.

Negative behavior

Nobody likes negativity. Same is true with the Capricorn who prefers to live alone than living with negative people. They hate pessimist. But when they come across such people, they become sad and moody. They are happy when optimistic friends are with them. They add color to their life.


A reason why Capricorns become moody is that they are hit by someone who cheats. They desire to have loyal friends and family members. But when someone plays with their feelings, they have mood shifts. They must be careful when socializing because disloyalty can’t be forgiven easily.

Hurtful actions

Capricorns are sincere with their loved ones. They want the same amount of love in return. When they are deeply hurt because of actions or words of their friends, colleagues or family, capricorns become upset and moody.


Capricorns traits like to be taken care of. They are also caring by nature. They can have severe mood swings when they feel their partner or close friend has become careless.

 Ignoring people

When the dear ones ignore loyal Capricorn, they can have mood shifts. It can make them upset. They are committed in their relationships and they dislike when someone ignores them.

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