4 Things for Capricorn Never Do in Relationship


Do you meet the wrong people?

Do you start relationships too soon then find them ending in a mess?

Are you still waiting for your date to call you back?  

As we enter in a new year, you may feel the need to make a few changes in your life.

You may even feel the need to just start over.

If creating a loving and long lasting relationship is one of your goals for the new year, follow these 4 things for Capricorn not to do in a new relationship after the jump.


You can’t throw your feelings at someone else and make them take responsibility. You must own your emotion.

If you win a fight, then the relationship loses. And believe us nobody wins if the relationship does not win.

Don’t bottle up your feelings. Let go of your fear of being “that girl”. Nags are called nags because they are not nice but communicating their feelings not because they share them.

Communication is what keep relationship strong, healthy and long. Your partner cannot read your mind and therefore you will have to thoroughly explain things to them on a daily basis.