How to make a Capricorn woman jealous

Capricorn ladies are mature in love. They make relationships wisely. Usually she will not get jealous of little things in relationships because she understands fully about ups and downs that someone might face in a relationship.

But if you want to make Capricorn woman jealous, you need to hit her on bulls eye. 

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Why a Capricorn woman will get jealous?

A Capricorn woman is mature enough to let things go at first place. Jealousy is not her trait. Although Capricorn woman can be possessive about love but still she will not remain stick to the person after feeling the need to go away.

Capricorn lady in love is really genuine lady. She takes her relationships seriously and wisely.  But still if you want to jealous Capricorn lady in a relationship, then according to her personality we suggest you to 

Show her some mean side

When in love, Capricorn girls are genuinely fair enough. They make commitments wisely and can handle relationships till the end. Our strong lady has lot of guts to hold into relationship and not give up ever. 

If you will show her some mean side of yours, she will definitely get offended and jealous. Capricorns have habit to invest fully in their relationships and if someone is not willing to give back equal amount of sincerity and dedication, than definitely Capricorn lady is going to become jealous and kick him away.

Make some successful friends

Capricorn girls are very practical in life. They don’t believe in false and big dreams. Instead they focus on life plans and set goals wisely and realistically. Just being Romeo is not going to earn their attention towards you. One needs to be practical, mature and financially stable to attract our Capricorn diva. 

If you will circle yourself with successful people. She might get jealous and try to reach at their point. She will start working hard to become as successful as your company is. 

Let her blame herself

When in relationship, Capricorns give in themselves whole hearted. If any disappointment occurs, Capricorn girls usually blame herself for their relationship not working out. 

Tease her that she is not enough and she will get fierce and jealous. By teasing we mean you can simply say her that she don’t give you enough time or care as your friends do and she will start getting jealous from your friends. 

Compliment someone else

Capricorn ladies are mature divas. They don’t mind their partner praising some one else. But if you will start competition between them versus some other girl. She will get jealous and by jealous we mean lot of jealous. She will burn everything including you. Oops so be careful. 

Sometimes having a Capricorn lady is all what you want in your life. But making her jealous often keeps relationship alive and working. We suggest a little bit of tease now and than and your sea goat lady will mesmerize you with her powers to get over and control things.