The Dark side of Capricorn man – Exposed

We all have a dark side and sometimes we are unaware of ourselves. Our Capricorn guy is very mature, wise and strong person but there is a dark side of Capricorn man also. To know about the other side of our Capricorn man, we need to understand their personality. Capricorn are not negative people but they have traits that can have negative impact on their lives. Our Capricorn man can be 

They are Very stubborn 

Capricorn are known for their stubborn nature. They act cold and firm after giving their view point. Decision making is like responsibility to them and once they have taken their decisions, no power on earth can undo them. 

Their stubborn nature can cause them damage but they will not move an inch away from what they have decided. Oops and Alas! 

They are Mysterious

Capricorn guy seems mysterious to many because they have habit of keeping themselves hidden from others. It is hard to unfold their layers. They don’t like to open up much in front of other people. So it becomes hard to predict what they are thinking about or what they will act later on ? 

Their mysterious nature is a part of their personality but it turns into their dark side when they hide things on purpose. It may mean that they are planning something big against you. Be aware and run girl! 

They are Loves money

Money is dark side and weakness of many but Capricorn guy has literally lust for money. They may set special targets for finance. To save pennies they will sacrifice happiness hidden in small memorable events.

They will not only try to spend as less as they can but will also be attracted towards money. Capricorn guys can be “bought” if one has eye to offer good price. 

They are Pessimistic 

Capricorn males tend to prepare for bad times. Their mature nature don’t let them think care free. They will always keep analyzing different things and will waste a lot of time in planning for “what might happen”?

This may saves them from future trouble but they are surely going to ruin their present with their pessimistic thinking. 

They are Selfish

Capricorn man think that world revolves around them. They have this narcissistic approach and think about themselves first. 

Capricorn knows how to take care of their partner but definitely they will prioritize themselves. Their selfish nature can make their partner annoy and distant from them. 

They are Abusive

The most dark side of Capricorn is that they can be abusive in relationships. Violent and toxic relationships can be pretty normal to them. Their abusive behavior can lead them to have misogynist and masochistic approach. Ladies will surely do not want to keep such a toxic person with so much dark level of thinking approaches. 

A Capricorn guy can have many dark sides and may repel their partner with negative traits. Although Capricorn males have faced many crisis in the past but they will turn out fierce in their negative approaches.

Despite all the good they have, a Capricorn male needs to work out on his negativity as it can affect their life adversely.