How to get a Capricorn woman to chase you

Making a Capricorn woman fall for you is no easy task. She is mature enough to fall in love with all her senses working properly. Our girl has rational approach towards love. And if you willing to know how to get a Capricorn woman to chase you, you need to be worthy enough to get her attention. You need to 

Be appealing

Capricorn woman is attracted towards a man who appeals her. You need to take love seriously of you want to win her heart. She has rational approach and you need to act wise to get her attention. 

That lover boy image is not going to work in front of Capricorn woman. You have to act mature. No one can seduce this lady with romantic charm only. You have to portray your image as realistic and practical person. She will chase you only if she will see her future with you.

You have to convince the lady that you are useful person to her. Just showing loads of emotions can’t pressurize her to be with you. 

Show her that you can be a good addition to her life both emotionally and financially and she will start analyzing you as her future partner. But don’t lie or exaggerate too much because she is no fool to ignore the truth in front of her eyes. 

Prove her that you are ambitious

Capricorn woman look for mature men only who have serious approach towards life. She herself has a focused opinion and approach. Capricorn lady is goal oriented and career focused. If you want her to chase you, act professional. She doesn’t give a damn to lazy or non-serious person. 

Our Capricorn lady falls for hard working and ambitious people. Your otherwise impression can make her run away from you. You need to portray yourself as her type. She has high liking for ambitious and goal oriented person who wants to move forward and succeed in life. Just cutie patotie teddy bear is not going to win her heart. Show her some serious dollars. 

Don’t hesitate to initiate

Capricorn woman is traditional in this way. She will always wait for you to make first move. Even if she has strong affection for you, she is not going to give you any hint unless she feels same from you. 

Don’t hesitate to take initiative and she will not disappoint you. But being too pushy or dominating can make her angry. She will take your unnecessary pushy behavior as false romantic charm and she dislike people who impose themselves on others. 

Capricorn lady takes her decision wisely. So you definitely can’t make her rush in to things. Give her time to think and she will fall for you. This is the only thing that will work. 

Be sophisticated and decent

A Capricorn woman doesn’t fall for pick up lines and flirty behavior. She takes these things as immature approach and waste of time. Being too flirty can make her reserve. Unless you know her well, never ever play love games on her. She is wise enough to understand your behavior. 

You might get embarrassed with her response to your flirt. If you really want Capricorn woman to chase you, than act decent and sophisticated. Avoid flirty lines and romantic chats at first. Instead talk about your passions, ambitions and your goals. Flirt her brain if you want to get a chance. Other things will just restrict her to come in your zone. 

Don’t get physical 

Physical intimacy at start will make Capricorn woman think that you are flirt and just want an intimate bond with her. If she will feel that you don’t want future with her but just physical bonding, she is going to run away. 

Don’t rush to hold her hands or kiss her cheeks. Take things forward slowly. 

She likes to be more attached and connected rather than getting physical or sexual. Never make her realize that you just want sexual offers from her otherwise she will kick you out and instead of her chasing you, you will be chasing your flight to home. 

So if you want a Capricorn woman to chase you, act sober, mature and appealing or she will throw you out from her options very easily. Play safe!