How to attract a Capricorn woman – Seduction Guide

A capricorn woman is rational, most sensible and mature women. While People listen to their heart when in love, our lady still vouches for brain.

She never makes decisions on which she might regret later. If you want to attract a Capricorn woman, you need to work hard. 

Attracting a Capricorn woman is no easy task. She is beauty with brain and don’t fall for the things that she don’t consider right for her. So if you want to have her on your side.

Be real

You cannot trick this goat lady to fall for your fake charm. She will assess you completely anyways so try to be real. She runs away from fake personalities and considering the fact that she wants partner for her, she is never going to chase someone who seems fake and is trying to impress her with lies.

Being real attracts her. Everyone is unique in his own way and if your uniqueness hits her, she will surely be very much attracted towards you. 

Be affectionate 

Capricorn woman craves for partner who can lift her up in life and caress her gently when the situations are tough. Being affectionate shows care and Capricorn woman is attracted towards person who seems to care about her. She thinks that two of them can go long run. So be affectionate to her and she will definitely give you a chance to prove yourself as worthy partner. 

Be honest

Capricorn lady falls for a person who has ability to stand by truth no matter what happens. Honesty is a rare thing and Capricorn lady knows it’s worth. 

She can face the truth with bravery and courage but can’t let any lie to ruin her life. You will see her as a warrior even when she is hurt so always be honest to her.

Trade some trust cards

For a Capricorn lady, trust is something difficult to do. She is a lady with practical mindset and rational choices. That is why she hesitates to trust someone at first place. She fears to show her insecurities and if you are the one whom she can trust upon, you are in. She will definitely be attracted and tied with the person who makes her feel safe and secure. 

Give her love and she will give you back

Capricorn girl believes in tit for tat. Even in relationships she go for rational choices. Although sometimes she might face rejection or hurdles due to too much thinking process in relationships but still she will never go opposite to what her instincts are telling about. 

If you give her unconditional love, she will return you same level of love, honesty and loyalty. This is auto coded in her brain to give back what she receives. 

Take out her fears

Our Capricorn lady is very touchy and keeps on evaluating things in life. She fears lot of things. Goat lady fears rejection,  hatred,  loss and disappointments in life and if she finds someone who can hold her firmly,  pour confidence and trust in her and can stand with her no matter what than she is not only going to be attracted but will definitely fall for you deeply.

Prove that you are hardworking and passionate about your work

Capricorn women are very passionate about their work. They are extremely goal-oriented, so that is what they look in their partner as well. So attracting Capricorn women will require you to be passionate about what you do to make a living. Show them that you are very serious about your career and have your goals set and clear.

Don’t be a cheap flirt

Capricorns are very romantic. They look for romance in their partners. To attract a Capricorn woman be a little flirty but not over the top. Be flirty but maintain sophistication.

Don’t be too boring and don’t be too fun

A Capricorn woman is all in for a fun night but is also happy with a cozy night at home in her bed. Capricorns are very moody, and it is important that you understand these abrupt mood swings. Be ready to ride on the shores with them on a crazy day at the beach. You should also be able to watch a 50’s movie silently in bed with her!

Charm them with your money

Believe it or not, Capricorns are very materialistic. What attracts Capricorn women is the money you are willing to spend on her. Take her out frequently, gift her diamonds and shower her with flowers! The more you charm her with you money, the more she will continue to fall for you.

Be thoughtful and kind in your actions

One of the best traits of a Capricorn woman is the levels of care and love she is willing to give to everyone around her. Regardless of age and class, a Capricorn woman is very kind and humble with everyone. So if you snap at the waiter on your first dinner date, be sure that you will not be seeing your lady love again, ever!

Never argue with them

Never argue with your lady love. That is your top way to win their hearts. They hate losing in anything to anyone. So to attract a Capricorn woman is to make sure you give up and let her win. The easier, the better!

Be protective but not possessive

Your lady love is very independent, but she has her weak moments too. She would love it when you are the shoulder on which she can cry on, whenever she feels the need to. But don’t be too pushy with your feelings as this may lead her to feel stuck in the relationship.

Never be overly emotional

The Capricorn women attraction depends upon the amounts of emotions you show in public and private. If you are overly emotional, this could be very embarrassing for her in public, especially in front of her friends. This does not mean she doesn’t value your feelings. Believe it or not, she is very proud of the feelings you have for her. What she wants to see is the perfect balance in you.

Take things slow

The key to attracting a Capricorn woman on your first date is to show her that you love her and are willing to take things as slow as she wants. All you want is to see her happy, and that will win her heart instantly. Never rush things and read between the lines. Don’t make the first move before she gives you the green signal first.

Offer a long-term commitment

The last golden rule is to get into a relationship with a Capricorn woman only if you want to offer her a long-term commitment. Capricorn women are die-hard romantics and very loyal. Forget what will attract a Capricorn woman; trust me that if you are willing to offer her a lifetime promise, she will have no second thoughts about you.

In short, guys be a gentleman and there is no doubt that you will attract a Capricorn woman like a magnet.