Signs a Capricorn woman likes you

Capricorn woman is lovable, honest and fierce in her own way. She loves with open heart and hates straight forward. You can never know what is going in her head but if you want to know that Capricorn woman likes you or not? 

Than definitely you have to pay attention to her. She will drop some signs that will tell the tales of her heart. 

If a Capricorn woman likes you, she will leave no mark to mention it. Listen her unsaid conversations and see the hidden truth in her eyes. She likes you if

She is cheerful around you

If a Capricorn girl is happy in your presence, she likes you bro. Our sea-goat divas don’t tolerate someone if she doesn’t like that person and she has guts to show it on a person’s face. If she is uncomfortable, she will be direct towards showing her feelings. 

But if Capricorn lady is happy around you than she is definitely listening to some unheard wind chimes from somewhere far away. Let the melody cheer your heart as well. 

She is confident

They say that people loose control over themselves in front of their crush or loved ones but it is different with Capricorn girl. If she likes you, you can see a certain confidence in her eyes, walk and her way of presenting herself. She is totally gonna rock and you will love her. 

She starts trusting you

When a woman starts trusting you, you are the lucky guy. And if a Capricorn woman starts trusting you, you are “her guy“. Our lady doesn’t open up with any one whom she thinks is not “worthy enough”. She trusts when she has plans to move forward with you. If you are having her trust, she likes you really. 

She is initiating 

Capricorn lady is diva who can face truth with a lot of bravery. When she falls in love, she is not shy to accept it. Although she can wait for long to find her perfect guy but with that guy she won’t hesitate to take initiative. 

If you think she is making moves, pay attention to her. She is in love with you and actually wants you desperately. She is honest with you.

A Capricorn girl knows very well how to hide things from others. She is best in that. If she doesn’t trust a person she won’t share a single thing out of her heart. But with loved ones, she is extremely caring and honest.

In love, you can guarantee her loyalty without any question. Being vocal about her insecurities is not easy for Capricorn girl. It takes a lot of courage to trust someone completely and being honest with them. If she is honest with you, never let that girl go. She is the one for whom you can wait for your entire life. 

She praises you

If a Capricorn woman is praising you than she likes you in her heart. Capricorn woman is very uplifting and motivating kind of partner and she always want to see her partner at best place. If she is consistently saying nice things, it is actually a love trap for you. Don’t hesitate to fall for her because she is a genuine lady and a caring partner. 

So if you think that Capricorn woman likes you, consider the option to like her back. She is worthy and you will not regret of having her in your life.