Signs a Capricorn man is not into you

Capricorn men are wise while making relationships. They don’t fall for just anyone on first come first serve basis. Selection of partner is a big deal for them and they choose with rational mind. If you feel a Capricorn man is not into you, than chances are high that he is actually not in to you. 

Capricorn men are not fake guys or attention seekers. They are pretty straight forward when it comes to saying things about what they feel? 

If you are getting hints that he is not in to you, listen to your heart. Your instincts are most probably right about it. 

When a Capricorn man is not into you

When Capricorn has no feeling for you, it will be pretty clear. Capricorn men don’t know how to make things look entangled while communicating with someone. They say what they feel. Our Capricorn man is not rude; he is just honest about his feelings. And he should be respected for that. 

Other than listening to your heart, Capricorn man will clearly drop hints about not being interested in you. Observe them to make yourself sure about what you feel. 

They won’t make an eye contact 

If a Capricorn man is not looking directly in your eyes trusts us he is not in to you at all. As this shows his lack of interest. 

While having conversations Capricorn men tend to look directly into eyes even if they are little bit interested in talking. But they will not make an eye contact if they are not present mentally. So ladies what kind of man can be interested in you if he is not getting lost in ocean of your eyes. Stay away from him.

Conversations won’t last long 

Capricorns are already very shy people when it comes to spilling out their inner feelings. When they are not interested in you, they are not going to communicate well. 

If you are feeling that Capricorn man is getting bored with chit chats and talking thing or is not interested in having long conversations with you than he truly don’t want to indulge in talking with you. So better to stay quiet or find someone else to talk. 

He doesn’t seem interested 

When a Capricorn man is interested, he might not say it directly but he will definitely show some fondness. He will clearly drop you hint either with his verbal communication or body language that he is interested in you and want to take things further. 

If he seems disconnected and don’t show interest in you, he is clearly not in to you. You should move forward to find someone else. 

He doesn’t seem sure

When a Capricorn is in love, it truly shows from his eyes, gestures, and everything he does. How can someone fall for any body without being sure?  At least our Capricorn is not one of them. He is always pretty clear about what he wants. 

So if you think he is still not sure, make yourself realize that you are not in his priority list at all. Move forward girl, you have life! 

In short, if Capricorn man is not into you he will definitely show it with his lack of interest. No lady is that dumb to not get his signs of ignorance. But don’t feel bad. It happens sometimes. Things don’t come out as expected always. Take a chill pill. Your prince charming is waiting somewhere else.