Capricorn man stopped texting

Capricorn men are best partners but if you think that they will act as a “film lover boy”..oops not their type! If a Capricorn man has stopped texting you.

You should be worried. Things can be serious beyond your imaginations… But wait may be we are over thinking and he is just busy. 

Don’t let your heart shatter that early. Let’s see why Capricorn man has stopped texting you. 

Did you have an argument? 

Capricorn doesn’t stop texting without any reason. Either they are in trouble or you are the trouble. 

If you had an heated argument with them. Than what else do you expect?  Of course they will stop texting you and they do this on purpose. So that you can take your time and realize the mistake. So don’t wait and message them yourself because they are not going to message first. 

May be they are busy

When at work or dealing with some important business, Capricorn will give their full time to that. Don’t expect them messaging you after every hour to tell you they are fine or if you have had your meal or not. Capricorns are mature than that. So don’t disturb them. As soon as they will finish the business they will be at your doorstep. 

They want time

Sometimes Capricorn stop texting you because they are fed up. Yes we mean it. Texting regularly is not their thing. They like to call instead of sending thousand messages for every talk. 

So if they have stopped texting they want time to relax and think. They will call you later. Don’t make things in your head. 

They are avoiding you

Here is the bitchy part. Capricorns are not texting you because they don’t want to. They are annoyed or fed up or angry or may be whatever….They just don’t want to text you. That’s it! 

Now think why they have started avoiding you?  Do you text them so much that they are fed up? Did you say something wrong?  You two had a fight?  Or what? And if they are actually avoiding you.. We hope they will not only stop texting you but soon they will block you also. 

You are over thinking

May be they are just busy. Or you text them so much and expect the same from them. Chances are they are just sleeping and you are making castles of over thinking in your head. 

Your stories are going to damage your peace only. Capricorns are not going to take pressure of your over thinking. They will be peaceful as ever. And only you are going to suffer. So leave it. Just live and let live! 

They are in trouble

If Capricorn man has a habit of texting at same time. Like if he texts daily to check your things are going well or if he daily send you a wish, than there is no point in why he is not texting you?  He must be in some trouble. Check on him as soon as possible. He might need your help.