How to win the Heart of a Capricorn Man

A Capricorn man is not an easy quest to conquer. The walls around their heart are quiet strong and let they won’t let you come in easily. If you want to win their heart, you have to put some extra effort to unlock the door of unlimited love and care for you. 

A Capricorn man hesitates to love. The fear of heart break keeps him away from expressing his feelings. He seems cold and distant. But usually it is the way he is. And no one knows what is going in his heart or mind? 

Here are few things that you can do if you want to win the heart of Capricorn man.

Express often

Capricorn themselves are not very expressive people at all. Even in love, they will care for you silently. But sometimes expressions are necessary to keep the relationship fresh and spark alive. So you can be that expressive person. 

Expressing often will make them feel good about themselves that they hold special place in your life . And they will love you back with full intensity. A simple i love you daily can do wonders. Trust me you can win their heart with this magic trick. 

Praise them for their good work

Constant criticism breaks their heart and demotivate them badly. Capricorn man doesn’t like someone who keeps on pointing out what is wrong.

Everyone has flaws and our Capricorn is no different than others. But they have lot of qualities too which cannot be neglected. Appreciate them for their good qualities. It will not only fill their heart with joy but you will also be able to win their heart. They will fall in love with you. 

Surprise them 

Capricorn men like nice surprises. They are so much straight going that they never think of anything else. So a little cheat in normal routine will be nice surprise for them. They will get to know that you care for them. And their heart will fill with love and respect for you. 

Be a diva

Capricorn men like women who know how to carry themselves. Confident, bold and mature ladies are their weakness. They will fall for such diva. So dress nicely, speak softly and keep up the manners and that self poise that can target Capricorn heart. 

Be their support in bad times 

Capricorn male never forget their true supporters .They always remember those who have helped them in their hard times. So be their strength in hard times and they will let you share equally in their wins and prosperity. 

Don’t loose hope

If you really want to win their heart, be consistent in your actions. Don’t loose hope. Capricorns are not stone hearted people. They are just born in this way that they don’t understand hidden meanings or clue that easily. 

So if you are in love with Capricorn man. And you are trying hard for it, trust us Capricorn man will fall in your arms. Soon his eyes will be filled with your love and he will love you to moon and back.