How to make a Capricorn man miss you

Capricorn men are introvert and don’t tell easily about their feelings. They are so bad in expressing their love that if a Capricorn man will miss you, still there are chances that you will never get to know about it. 

Keeping things in their heart creates trouble for them. This annoying habit of them makes their partner sad and sometimes angry. If you are in love with Capricorn man, first of all you should be prepared for literally anything as Capricorn men are unpredictable. And secondly accept the fact that they are like this and may never change. 

But still everyone wants love and attention, so learn How to make a Capricorn man miss you.

Be his valentine

If you are their real partner, be the one. Invest in yourself for their happiness. You already know them so it is easy to win their heart. Being easy going is good as it creates comfort between partners but preparing yourself for your partner is a different thing. Go to spa, dress nicely often, make them dinner and spend some lovely time with them. When you will not be around, they will definitely miss you and these moments that you have spent together. 

Build positivity 

Capricorn likes to live with comfort and ease. They hate negativity and things going bad. So build positivity around them. Be their real support and motivate them to achieve good in life. Real support makes them flourish in life and when you will not be around, they will definitely miss those people who were responsible for good in their life. 

Build their trust on you

Capricorns don’t trust that easily. It takes them ages to build trust on someone. Capricorn men fear heart break. So they don’t share their feelings at first point. 

But once the trust is built, they will emotionally depend on you totally. A strong connection between you two will make them chained to your heart. And if you will not be around, it will be hard for them to accept the absence and they will miss you badly. 

Make them dependent on you

Capricorn men don’t rely on others except their loved ones. They will definitely start depending on you. 

Once they have start relying on you, they will become so much addicted that it will be nearly impossible for them to let you go. And if ever you will not be around, they will miss you like hell and will try their best to get you back. 

Let them miss you

If you genuinely want them to miss you. Than trust we give them some time to do so. Capricorn men will crave for you in your absence. 

When their loved ones are not around, a Capricorn man misses them badly and their heart grows fond of them. So provide them the opportunity and leave them alone. They will definitely think about you and that’s how you make Capricorn man miss you.