Are Capricorns Stubborn

Yes! Capricorns are stubborn and who does not know that. But don’t be judgmental here. Capricorn is not stubborn for bad. Actually this is how they work in life. You can say they are determinant. When Capricorn has decided something, they will work hard to achieve it. And they don’t bother if any one criticizes them for being stubborn. They will keep moving forward regardless of opinions and judgment. 

How to handle a stubborn Capricorn? 

It is not easy to handle stubborn Capricorn. If they have decided something in their head, no power on this earth can change their decision. This habit sometimes causes trouble for them but they don’t care. They can harm themselves but will not agree to anything else. 

You can handle a stubborn Capricorn with 

Unconditional love and support

Love them unconditionally. Capricorns are not immature people throwing away tantrum. If they are fix on something there must be point. Try to love them despite of their stubbornness and both you and Capricorn will feel better. 

Support their decisions

Capricorns are rational decision makers. Try to support their decision even if you don’t understand it now. Don’t try to find logics behind their decisions. 

You may know it later that they were not wrong. Then you will be proud of being a nice support to them. 

Leave them alone

If you think Capricorn are stuck at some point than leave them alone. Give them time to think. They may change their decision later, which is not possible though but still expect good.

Capricorn is firm on their decisions and if they have decided something, they are not going to move away from it. 

In positive trait, you can say they are determinant but over all they are stubborn and we all know it. So leaving them alone is better option sometimes. 

Don’t mess with them

Don’t mess with Capricorn ever. Capricorn doesn’t want to indulge in fights at first. But if you will drag them, they will leave no stone up turned to tear you apart. 

And if they have already thought to use this stubbornness against you. Oops ! You are in danger. Don’t mess with them. Or they will ruin you. They may start ignoring you and you will be pissed off. 

Appreciate their strength 

Capricorn stubborn nature is annoying for many. But this is their strength and you should appreciate the fact that not everyone has guts and spine to stand on their decisions. Capricorn can face anything and they have stamina to bear pressures. 

One partner in duo should be mature and firm enough to hold the relationship. And our Capricorn is that one person on whom you can rely on forever. 

Trust their instinct

Capricorns have great instincts. It is like their super power. And you should learn to believe them.  Capricorn can judge people and situation better than others. It is a god gifted thing to them. And if they are constantly feeling negative about something. May be it is not their stubborn nature, and their instincts are right about that. 

So Capricorns are stubborn but it is part of their personality. And we should accept them for what they are because this trait is their strength also.