Signs a Capricorn man is using you

Most women complain about Capricorn partners. They think Capricorn men are mean, selfish and arrogant. But it is the way they are. And we can’t change the fact that they can be genuine partners when time comes. 

But before that you need to know signs a Capricorn man is using you or is he actually serious? 

Capricorn men don’t fall for relationships easily so there must be clear signs if he is using you or not serious with you. Look for those signs and run lady! Save your life. You deserve better. Nothing is worse than non serious Capricorn in your life playing with your feelings. 

Many women claim that when they were hell serious and fell in love with Capricorn man, he said goodbye brutally. This broke their heart and they experienced emotional shock. But if not serious, Capricorn man can be avoided easily after sensing these signs in him.

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He still has hideous nature

Every Capricorn has hideous nature but they open up only in front of their loved ones. Capricorn fear heart break themselves and don’t like to share their feelings with anyone. But if they are serious and committed, they will open up to their partner. 

If he is hiding things it means he doesn’t rely on you and don’t think you are trust worthy enough. So back off before it’s too late. 

Capricorn man is not possessive 

Capricorn males are very much possessive about their partners. They like to “tag” their partners so that no one else can think of stealing their loved ones from them. 

If he introduce you as a friend and don’t own you in front of others than it is a clear sign you don’t reside in his heart. Change your direction as soon as possible. 

Capricorn man doesn’t not trust you

Come on ladies. Who want to send time with a guy who doesn’t trust you?  Life without trust can be hell. Two partners can’t survive through their relationship if there is no mutual trust. Capricorn trust only those who they think are capable and “worthy” of their trust. 

And if they don’t think you are “worthy” enough than why are you wasting your time?  You are worthy of someone else so go find that person. 

He doesn’t proceed

What kind of guy won’t proceed further in relationship?  Of course only who doesn’t want to take relationship forward. Any committed guy will try to find chance to take relationship to next level. And Capricorn only want to move forward with people who they think can be with them for long run. So if he is not comfortable in making next move. Be aware. He doesn’t want to spend rest of his life with you at least. 

Capricorn man is not romantic with you

Capricorn are shy and introvert. Romance is something very personal for them. Although romance for them is not lovey dovey msgs and dialogues to bring moon and stars in your feet. A simple warm cuddle is enough to tell how deeply they connect with you. 

But if you are not feeling “that romantic feeling” than chances are that feeling don’t even exist in their side. Otherwise Capricorn doesn’t hesitate to invest their part in relationship. 

So if you are getting any of these signs that confirm a Capricorn man is using you, trust me he is…  Run as fast as you can!!