How to make a Capricorn man happy

Capricorn man is usually perceived as arrogant and cold but it’s not true. They are happy people if you learn to understand them. Making a Capricorn man happy is no big deal. You just need that passion and true love. 

If you are in a relationship with Capricorn man, oh lady you have chosen the tough road. But if Capricorn man loves you back, you know it’s worth it. 

You don’t need to give your life to make this goat happy, only little gestures will be enough. But you must know where to hit this man?  Here are few things that can not only make Capricorn happy but will also make your relationship satisfying and soothing

Give them time

Capricorn men crave for company when in love. They don’t want their partner to leave them alone and spend time somewhere else. If you want their love and happiness, stay with them. Spend some quality time together and trust us, Capricorn is the happiest person on this earth. And their love for you will increase 100 times. 

Share yourself with them

Capricorn man is not very open especially when it comes to feelings. They are shy and don’t open up that easily. Sharing yourself and your secrets with them is like constantly reminding them that they are not alone and have someone to share and communicate with. Someone trusts them really. When you share yourself with them, it gives them confidence that they can rely on you. This sense of ownership gives them satisfaction and happiness both at a time. 

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Say no to drama

If you genuinely want to make them happy. Be smart and be normal. They don’t like drama in their life. You can say what you want without so much turns and twists and they will listen and understand. A Capricorn is bad in getting hints from secretive communication. So even if you want to say shut up,  say it. At least they will listen and understand. Staying simple makes them happy. Otherwise they are bad in complexities. 

Make them feel special 

If you want to own Capricorn man and make them happy, than make them feel special. You may dress nicely for them or you can sing a song for them or even a simple kiss on cheek will do the work. A little gesture that can make them feel special, is very much appreciated by them. They like being loved and these things matters to them. 

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Capricorn man themselves are not very expressive. So these small efforts have big reward in their dictionary and they completely understand that how difficult it is for them to do so. Special efforts from your side will never go wasted and they will be happy from you. 

Learn to be real

Capricorn man loves genuinely. And they don’t want to get manipulated by people. They are simple and straight forward. The most irritating thing for them is being fake. Fake partners are not at all partners for them. If they will ever catch you, Capricorn will run away as far as possible. 

Learn to be real with them. They will love you whole hearted for what you are. And this will give them mental peace and happiness.