Signs a Capricorn man wants to marry you

Capricorn men are intelligent, shy and very caring. In any relationship you can count on Capricorn man. Capricorn man may never tell you directly but he will definitely drop some signs that will hint you a Capricorn man wants to marry you.

Capricorn men are shy. They will love you to the moon and will not say a word. It is not their flaw that they are less expressing in verbal communication. Instead they like to tell it from their actions. 

Capricorn man may take ages to tell that he actually can’t live without you. So be a wise lady and read the signs so that you can own your Capricorn man sooner than his efforts. Don’t waste time and don’t lose a gem either. 

Signs that a Capricorn man is in to you are

He shares

Sharing is caring. Capricorn men like to keep things to themselves only when it comes to emotions. If they have courage to share their feelings and emotions with you, trust us you are very special. Everyone knows this hideous nature of Capricorn. Words don’t come easily in their mouth. They don’t talk much about their feelings, expectations, their dreams, their goals in life and how they look towards life. 

If a Capricorn man is sharing his emotions and heart with you. Lady don’t delay. Tie a bond. This is clear Signs a Capricorn man wants to marry you.

He is counting on you

Capricorn men are independent. They don’t want others to do their things. But if a Capricorn man depends on you, it means he trusts you with himself and wants you to take his charge. So never hesitate to take the seat. He surely wants to marry you. 

He is possessive

Capricorn men are distant from things that don’t bother them. They don’t get emotionally attached very easily. But if they do, they are hell protective about their things. 

Capricorn men don’t show interest in everyone. And if he is possessive about you. Wow lucky lady!  You are the one worthy of his love, care and protection. He will go to any extent to keep you safe, happy and in his arms. 

Spends time with you

If a Capricorn man gives you special attention, it means you are someone special. Capricorns are usually cold and don’t show much emotions. 

But taking out time especially for you indicates clearly that you are someone who has stolen his heart. And he wants to marry you. Otherwise they have saved their precious time only for themselves and for things that are only theirs. 

Asks for date

A Capricorn asking for date is like a miracle happening. They are too shy to tell someone about their inner feeling. They are reserve people and don’t communicate much. If a Capricorn asks you for a date, he must have gathered a lot of courage to do so. And remember the fact that Capricorn comes out of their comfort zone only for someone special.  

Don’t say no! 

And don’t hesitate to accept the ring if he finds enough courage to ask for marriage too. Even if he is not going to ask for marriage proposal, a date can still be nice proceeding anyways.