Why are Capricorns so Self-Willed

Lets find out Why are Capricorns so Self-Willed. For knowing that we conduct a survey and

put this question in front of Capricorn Family we have on Facebook.  And in return we

get some serious replies from all our Capricorn fans around the world.

Capricorns are tormented by the duality of our very being. What is a damned water goat supposed to do?

We have to be, no one takes care of us so we have to do everything on our own! Willpower!!!!

On serious notes Capricorns are self willedbecause we don’t trust anybody sharing

responsibility. It’s called independence! We are true With our self. No need to prove anything to anybody.

Below is a list of 9 Most Common Reasons Why are Capricorns so Self-Willed

1:Capricorns ways are logically thought through and time tested. There is reason behind each

step and thing we do, so how could what we do, think, say, feel be wrong? Smart, not so

much – it doesn’t matter: it comes down to “it’s my way is the right way, because it makes

sense, now watch and I’ll prove it”. And it will be so. We ARE driven, patient with no

tolerance, yet kind beyond measure. We ARE determined and devoted, yet hold back and

observe, because of the need to see who people really are before we can trust them, and

we are very good at reading them. And all of these things are why we become successful in

our own rights, as well. Business and compassion, total package, right here. And we need

to be, because we are responsible; how else can you be G.O.A.T and not?

2:Because Capricorns are independent and can do things for ourselves. And things always

need to be done. We decide it we do it with power of our strong will. The more you do the

more time you have to do other things that need to be done.

3:Capricorn tries to help others by helping himself that’s why they are so rough and tough in

their task. But you will always fall in love with their adventurous romance though you will

feel it very late.

4:It’s just how Capricorns are wired. They know stuff will get done either by doing it

ourselves or being in charge of others getting it done. we expect and respect hard work,

reliability and functionality and take great pride in everything we do. We’re successful

because we take everything as a challenge and we know we’ll make it happen and it’ll be

right, first time around.. enjoy our resolve and royal grandiose fellow caps cause we all

know we rightfully deserve it all.

5:Because Capricorns are the last of real people. Some say they overthink, when really they

don’t think enough others get played tricked and used. we gone think so hard to the point

we figure out shit before it exist.

6:Because Capricorns are dogged, driven, determined, devoted and dedicated. To whatever

we set our minds to and we aren’t wishy-washy about it.

7:Because Capricorn are never happy until others are. And you can never keep a goat down,

We are climbers and like to get to the top quick.

8:Capricorns DON’T really trust anyone. They feel their WAY is the BEST. We have no patience for idiocracy, we take responsibility seriously & have no tolerance for slow, lazy

minded, freeloader’s. It’s usually best to just let US DO IT because that’s what PEOPLE IN


9: Because Capricorn survive no matter what’s thrown at us. We are so noble we are kings and queens.

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