How Do Capricorns Show Affection

Capricorns want first class humans for affection and love. They always looking for people

who are Pure genuine through heart.

Love is not to be purchased and affection has no price.

Lets find out Do Capricorns Like Affection. For knowing that we conduct a survey and

put this question in front of Capricorn Family we have on Facebook.  And in return we

get some serious replies from all our Capricorn fans around the world.

Below you can find 12 different ways or responses of Capricorns from across the world and

you decide whether you like it or not.

Keep Knowing and Enjoying! 🙂 Share with Friends and Family

1: Capricorns genuinely are helpers and have good hearts to love hard and show affection,

But we be acting like we don’t need affection and when we don’t get it, it hurts us! We just

want to be appreciated for who we are!

2: Sometimes but not for long periods of time

Because for a fact ALL CAPRICORNS have personal space issues we appreciate the act of

affection and wanting to be cuddled up, but it just ain’t us. We get aggravated way to

fast for that.

3: Not too much, it’s very rare to want it,

But even if we Capricorn do,we will never say so, because to be affectionate with someone

that person must be very close, trustworthy,basically a boy friend or the one u’ll marry. My

friends think i’m cold hearted and i can’t be emotional,it just depends,this is me. 🙂

4: We Capricorns are like cats…..

we want it when we want it. Other than that, we love our alone time.

5: Its a bit of an Awkward one.

This as it for us depends who the person is as to whether we want affection from them or

not. Say in that though it also depends on Capricorn mood, if we are in a bad mood best to

leave us alone and in good mood will probably be happy with the affection!

6: We love it with the right person.

We even crave the touch of someone that we love and loves us with the respect we deserve

but treat us like shit and that affection goes right down the toilet.

7: Capricorns love been loved.

A Capricorn affection to someone special in their lives are more than just a force of nature

(We are not a bill board that display our affection, it inside us- you seek it).

Too much affection from someone can be a stress to us, love isn’t our top thing but, we can

always make it when it’s right.

8: We love it once we are with someone we trust.

Or if we initiate it! Pretty standoffish, kept to ourselves almost can be described as

germophobic! But yeah, we love affection but don’t be clingy with it!

9: Most of the time, It’s all about love and hugs.

Affection is something we seldom take for granted, though

10: Sometimes it Depends on the energy you omit in our presence.

And how we feel about you. If it’s good then absolutely, if it’s bad then hell no! LOL

11: It’s Different when behind closed doors.

As much as we can get. But we tend to be a bit reserved outwardly. But we get tremendous

mood swings so be careful..

12: We Capricorn Love it!

There’s a line between being affectionate and doing too much but yes we do.

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