What Does a Capricorn Man want in a Woman

What Does a Capricorn Man want in a Woman

What Does a Capricorn Man want in a Woman?

A Capricorn man is an intelligent, stable, family oriented guy. He does not like to goof

around with anybody and he wants nobody to goof around with him. When he gets into a

relationship with a woman, he does it with all his intention and makes sure that he sticks to

her woman through thick and thin. He will not betray you ever and he will be the man you

want him to be.

But with such a man, there are some things that he wants and deserves. To all of those

ladies out there who have their Capricorn man in their arms, and to those who are entering

a serious relationship with a Capricorn man, here is a small check list of what he wants to

see in his woman.

  1. He wants you to be his Best Friend:

Capricorn men always looks for a woman who can be his best friend. He does not need a

woman who is bossy, or be so submissive that he will have to tell her to get a life of her

own. He needs someone who can walk beside him and share his life through thick and thin.

A woman should be able to shelter him in changing weather and still respect him as her

man. He wants an ear that would listen to him, console him, guide him and be merry with

him in the joys and laughter of life.

  1. He want his woman to be family oriented:

Family always comes first in the priority list of the Capricorn man. He wants a woman who

understands how important family is and what is the role of having a family in the personal

stability and balance of life. If you will show him how much you care for family, he would

fall heads over heels for you.

  1. He wants a Practical Lady who is her own person:

Yes, Capricorn men want to be the protectors of their ladies but they enjoy it more if the

lady herself is strong enough. He likes to have a woman in his life that can take care of her

and is a strong headed person. He sometimes wants to rely on the woman and it is about

his pride as well. He does not want to oppress his woman, he wants to see her grow and

thrive in her own being.

  1. He wants a thrifty and intelligent lady:

They are hardworking men, these Capricorns. They know how to save and how to spend. A

Capricorn man would love nothing more than to have a woman who understands this, and

tales care of her spending. She is intelligent, both socially and financially and knows what

is coming and where is it going. This helps them believe that their life is secure, well

balanced and heading for a healthy and prosperous future together.

  1. What? You are great Cook!

Yes, this will get him off of his feet, if you know how to cook well. He would like to have

some cooking sessions with you.

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