Capricorns Can Kill With Their Honesty

Capricorns being a Saturn child holds the quality that their loyalty and faith lead them

towards straight forwardness. Capricorn tends to be the Father of the zodiac signs.

Mountain Goat holds supervising power. He keeps an eye upon others and loyal to his work.

He knows how to be respected. Capricorns are acknowledged with the worth of time that’s

why they don’t waste their time at any cost. They have the determination to achieve their

goals. Although Virgo and Taurus are skilled enough to present themselves in the world of

technology, but Capricorns’ perspectives is on wider range.

Once they stick to a goal they achieve it at any cost. Their honesty opens the door of

brutality and sometimes they utter harsh words and they don’t even bother about it. This

thing goes against them. Capricorns have a flaw that they are the practical ones.

Practicality brought them to the world of enemies. They are such realist persons who don’t

want to be fooled. One appealing aspect of them is; you can easily trust upon them as they

have the tendency to settle the problems. They have pride in them. The outer shell of a

Capricorn seems to be hard but internally he/she have lots of fears in their heart.


Capricorns never allow you to be aware of their secrets. They have the capability to hide

their errors and mistakes in a beautiful way. They are leading ones and want to be the

dominating authority. Saturnine are the realistic ones, being pessimistic, fearful, and

distrustful, they come to know the harsh realities of life such as death (a vital element of

life), loneliness (everyone suffers at the time of hardships), and dark sides of the world.

They are fully aware of this wonderful quote that; life is not a bed of roses rather full of

thorns. It’s up to everyone that how manfully one picks up that thorns and removes it from

his way.


It’s not that easy to make a smooth path but once you start your journey bravely, no one

could stop you towards your destiny. Earthy Star is a fan follower of Darwin’s theory which

tells them ‘Survival of the fittest’. They are familiar with this fact that if they have to

survive in this world of racism, they have to bear all the hardships of life. Let them do what

they want; they will prove themselves as ‘Diamonds’.

Mistake makers:

They have a license of making mistakes. They commit mistakes and learn from it but

chances are there that they get hit be the reality that they have to face a lot afterwards.

They have endless expectations towards their dear ones and sometimes they put them in a

trouble to come up to their level. There arises a cold Capricorn who doesn’t allow anyone to

come closer to him. One thing which is to be practiced, they have to know the fact that

there isn’t a single person who could get everything what he wants to.

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