Capricorn Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

A Capricorn man Aquarius woman make good friends rather than good partner but

this couple is unpredictable to some extent, if they put all their will and effort into making

this relationship work then things can improve with time and understanding, let’s explore a

Capricorn man and Aquarius woman deeply and find out their love chemistry according

to their zodiac signs.


A Capricorn man, initially, this person looks like a dry, emotionless creature but with time

and understanding one can sneak into hissensitive heart and know all about him. His soul is

brighter than the sunlight but a Capricorn man is so inexpressive, he always hides his

feelings, sentiments and emotions away from the world locked up in the room of his heart

where no one is allowed! But,if he gets lucky to find a partner who will explore him, from

his passion to his insecurities and from his strengths to his vulnerabilities. A Capricorn man

is basically conservative and traditional, he is stuck in the middle of being an introvert and

extrovert but it is quite to notice that a Capricorn man won’t keep quite if he has something

to share of work purpose. This guy is totally a career oriented workaholic, who likes to be

behind his desk more than to attend a party. He is not much outgoing. A Capricorn man

has very decent personality; he is strictly disciplined and well mannered. His priorities are

well defined and looked after. He is highly responsible and will never make someone regret,

who puts up his trust in him. He looks for a partner who is intellectual and with all that

submissive. A Capricorn is born leader and it is in his nature to lead. A Capricorn man plays

by the rules and always tries to be perfect. A Capricorn man will always provide for his

partner, whether she has a job or not. He is inexpressive which leads to communication

problem between him and his partner but only the right woman can who can break the

glass of his heart, or opens it with the key of love, either way will make him expressive and

will give in to her.

An Aquarius woman is an independent and career oriented woman. She is sensitive

and shy to a certain point but this doesn’t make her less energetic, she is a highly

intellectual person, who loves to have interesting conversations with people around her but

she does not like it when people question her perspective or disagree with her. An Aquarius

woman likes to be surrounded by people but she also needs some time alone so that she

can relax, away from all the hustle and get herself charged for a new day. She is a born

humanitarian, who loves to help others. She is good at problem solving and helping others

in any way she can, would be an act of virtue for her. An Aquarius woman is a deep thinker,

she tends to be more quiet because of her thinking capability, when she is done with all her

thoughts and have something to put forward on a matter, she always comes up with some

great ideas to share. An Aquarius woman do not trust people so easily, she might act cold

or insensitive when a person tries to be over friendly with them.They may be aggressive

sometimes but mostly they are caring and loving. When it comes to choosing a partner, an

Aquarius woman likes an intellectual personality in her life, with whom she can have highly

interesting conversations which she is hugely attracted to. She looks for a person who is

liberal enough to give her space. Honesty is so much important to an Aquarius woman, it

won’t be wrong to say that for an Aquarius woman loyalty and integrity is of more

importance than love.

Capricorn man Aquarius woman Compatibility:

A Capricorn man and an Aquarius woman have an overall average compatibility. A

Capricorn man and an Aquarius woman are basically friendship goals but when it comes to

a relationship things start get complicated. There are many traits in a Capricorn man and

an Aquarius woman those are opposite to one and others. The couple can make things

better if they work on their clashes and find a common ground, and hence have a

settlement. While much goodness is there between a Capricorn man and an Aquarius

woman relationship to make things work. A Capricorn man highly likes the intelligence in his

Aquarius lady;he admires her perspective and agrees with her on most of her views. While

an Aquarius woman appreciates the intellectual in his Capricorn man, she loves to have

interesting talks with her. She admires his strategic skills. It is sure that the two will have

to work and find their common ground on multiple things.

Capricorn man Aquarius woman Problems:

It is in an Aquarius woman’s nature to have independence; she is a fighter when it comes

to rights. Maybe sometimes she will sound like a feminist because she loves to fight for a

cause and equality is what she strives for, with that being said, when it comes to a

relationship she will never compromise her rights, and will always want equal rights to her

partner. A Capricorn man is a born leader, to command, order and control are some of his

traits, when it comes to a relationship this things have an impact, a Capricorn man will

always be the one who leads whereas an Aquarius woman looks for equality and rights.

This may cause some of the most complicated problems between a Capricorn man and an

Aquarius woman.

Capricorn man Aquarius woman Friendship:

A friendship bond between a Capricorn man and an Aquarius woman is all about intellect.

They both seek each other’s help, while an Aquarius woman is a very helpful person, and

before even his Capricorn friends have a complication she’d be at the rescue. She knows

him well enough, she knows that he’ll not ask for help but as a friend she is always there to

provide it. A Capricorn man and an Aquarius woman can talk for hours, knowing that both

are career oriented intellects that is what makes many common points for the two of them.

A Capricorn man will always help his Aquarius friend, even if he does not express it but he

knows in his heart that she is the only friend who is always to his rescue, and so he will

always be the gentleman he is and return the favor.

Capricorn man Aquarius woman In Bed:

A Capricorn man and an Aquarius woman are quite a fulfilling for each other in bed, their

love is not so passionate but they are fine with that. Neither of them expects high

standards or fantasy worthy stuff from each other both are realist and would never use

such things as problems, the two are fine with each other until it is fulfilling and that they

have a good time. Earth and air turns out to be gentle but sensual when it come to love

making, all it takes is a touch to fulfill the sensual appeals.

Capricorn man Aquarius woman Romance Compatibility:

The element of romance is very rare to see between a Capricorn man and an Aquarius

woman. This couple lake this beautiful act in their relationship. All that romance that could

be seen in a Capricorn and Aquarius relationship is all from the Capricorn man.

Capricorn man Aquarius woman Marriage:

If things stay like this, stable and if the two try their best to work their ways towards their

relationship maybe the two will be able to commit to marriage. But that again will cause

many new problems, which will be harder to work through this time around.

Capricorn man Aquarius woman Fight:

Fight will take place between a Capricorn man and an Aquarius woman, due to many

factors from conflicts to clashes and disagreements, both will try their best to be the

dominant and have things their way, but this fight of them is never ending until they find a

common ground to settle down. A Capricorn will always try to keep a hold of his self

because they have self-control and yet most of the times they’ll be the one to compromise

because they are flexible and an Aquarius woman is highly uncompromising.

Capricorn man Aquarius woman Breakup:

Just when things will stop working out and all the efforts will go to vain, and nothing will

make sense, conflicts will get larger than their love, a breakup may come out as a result.

After trying too hard to make things work and yet, everyday things get more complicated

than before a breakup will be the one and only solution to end all the complications for a

Capricorn man and an Aquarius woman yet they’ll keep being friends for they are meant to

be friends in the first place. A Capricorn man and an Aquarius woman may come together

again after a breakup but that is what only fate can decide.

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