Why Capricorns Can Be Their Own Worst Critic

The components that represent a Capricorn are responsibility, self-control, good manners

and discipline. These traits of a Capricorn sign truly make them what they are, a Capricorn

is quite a person of devotion when it comes to work and that is the reason why they are

often called workaholic.

Reasons Why Capricorns Can Be Their Own Worst Critic:

If they set their mind on something, it is sure that they will achieve it no

matter what calamities they have to encounter and deal with. A Capricorn has self-control

which is just like that cherry on the top in their personality. Self-control enables a Capricorn

to deal with any kind of situation with integrity. When it comes to responsibilities and work

they always try to be perfect, to carry out their task in a way that no one can, they like to

be the perfect ones. A Capricorn is a born leader, they will be the ones in the front, leading.

A Capricorn likes to boss around and it is in their blood to do so because they are

Capricorns, the born leaders.

They tend to give orders to people due to their nature; the leadership that they have

in them is worth envying. Although they have all that in them which a leader needs, they

are skilled people those who can control situations with patience but there are times when

things get out of a Capricorn’s control. Just when things don’t work right, as according to a

Capricorn’s plan they get offended or if things do not turn out well as they expected, they

get into a war with themselves.

Most of the times, they will doubt their own self, hence leading them to criticize

themselves, doubting their decisions and continuously panicking. Due to their leadership

they have plenty to deal with, they are sometimes stressed and depressed and that is why

they tend to have some strong mood issues. Mood swings will happen mostly when they

are stressed. For instance they will be calm and okay but just when they catch a though

about something disturbing, their mood will change immediately. Being in a constant battle

with stress, a Capricorn do not let people help them, they do not let people get that close

to them.

When a Capricorn refuses to get help they actually get into a bigger trouble, the

constant state of panic and stress turning into depression things go pretty far into the

darkness, a Capricorn is a person who always expects of the worst which makes the silver

lining around the cloud vanish. All they know is that all their doors are shut closed and

there is no way out of the situation that is mostly created by their own fear, a Capricorn

needs a person in their life to help them get over in these types of situation, a partner who

is fortunately close to their Capricorn partner and show them all those doors that are open

wide, to makethem see the light and just to be there for them because loneliness is a

Capricorn’s worst enemy.


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