What Happens When Capricorn Get Pissed

Capricorn are the cool headed ones, they are very well known for all that dashing

personality traits they have. Well manners, just like the seasoning the salad to bring out its

flavor, a Capricorn’s manner brings out the envy worthy personality.

For Capricorns a person’s manners define who they really are and just like a shoe

without its polish, a Capricorn with their manners look incomplete.

The second and most fascinating trait of Capricorns is their responsible attitude,

priorities and responsibilities are parallel to each other, whether they have cross oceans but

a Capricorn’s word is their word and they will do anything to carry out the work for what

they are responsible for no matter what. Discipline is again the cherry on the top of their

personality, such traits make Capricorns the master of decency and elegance. While all

these traits are true but Capricorns hate drama and falseness and lies so, if this these

factors occur to a Capricorn they may appear to be out of control because when they are

pissed to the end of their nerves look a place to hide because they will explode, all at once

they will burst out their anger. Although, Capricorns tend to have these kind of events rare

because they the cool headed people but when this event has to take place certain steps

lead it to explosion. In the beginning a Capricorn may be just pissed with you but they will

not say anything to you, neither complain nor fight, they will be just quiet, even if they get

into an argue with you, they will just listen to what you have to say but when it will start

getting heated up they will just get up and leave, this will make all the problem, while you

want to talk and discussion the matter to resolve it but maybe in a heated manner and that

is what causes a Capricorn to run away from you, when they detect negative vibes they

don’t prefer to stay there any longer, while the Capricorn will wait for the time when

things are cooled down and so that they can talk with you about the matter in peace but

instead this whole situation gets in the hands of ignorance which causes more heat. Just

when you are all fired up and throwing the fireballs at the Capricorn they will just loose it,

meaning a Capricorn will try to avoid this situation but if it keeps getting worse and worse

than they will loose their temper no matter how cool headed they really are. Once the

Capricorn flips out, they get out of control just like the volcanic eruption a Capricorn will

burst out the lava they kept building up all this time.

They will shout, they will do things in anger that one does not really expects from them

but they will. This will not be a good sight of a Capricorn, and just like the lava cools down

after eruption, a Capricorn will slowly cool down after all and back to their calm self.


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