Capricorn An Emotional Mountain Goat

What astrology tells you?

According to Astrological point of view, there is a great connection between planets and

events that occur on Earth. Astrologers are of the opinion that zodiac cycle put a great

influence on a person’s birth Sun, Moon and Planets when revolve around the Earth, put

their impact upon the personality of an individual. It serves as a powerful tool to know the

personality traits of an individual. Basically it’s all about the likes, dislikes, moods, attitudes

etc of an individual. Astrology reveals complexity as you can see the complex nature of

human beings.

Ranking of Capricorns:

Astrologers have assigned ranking to each zodiac sign n the basis of their significant

characteristics. One among the 12 zodiac signs is Capricorn. Capricorn comes on the

10th number according to astrological series. Like all other zodiac signs, Capricorns holds

two sides for their personality. One is the brighter side (people remain interested to show

every time) and the other side is the darker one (usually mostly individuals like to hide it).

Capricorns are emotional creatures.

This trait acts like a stream which flows in two dimensions, one is in your favor and the

other one goes against you. The positive energy leads the emotional Goat towards the

beneficial side as Emotional ones can feel the pain of others in a better way but the twists

and turns come when their emotionalism creates a trouble for others.

A complex Creation:

The mountain goat is a complex creation, unpredictable as well. At times no one could

know what he or she actually wants. Capricorns act like a frozen sea, outer layer is too cold

but the inner one is the warmth one. From the outer side one could demonstrate the cold

attitudes of a Capricorn but internally they are deeper than an ocean.

Representatives of winter season:

Cold Capricorns are the representatives of the winters. When they show their cold

expressions to you it means they are not interested to make a positive connection with

you. Capricorns are like coconut. It’s not that easy to break their outer shell by everyone,

only those who are their dear ones could enable them to come out of their shell. In this

regard, they are joining their hand with Cancerians, never allow you to throw stone in their

river if you are not in their good list. Those who know the tactics to tackle their

emotionalism, they can go with them perfectly.

A kid inside a mature Goat:

Capricorns are the logical and intellectual beings and this thing enable them to be cold.

They like in-dependency and practicality and these qualities enable them to be strong.

Beside a leading and stone hearten Goat, you may find a sweet and soft nature kid.

Only those could be familiar to the sensitive species that belong to them. They have fully

command on their emotions. They are sensitive, immature, childish etc but they won’t pick

a play card to show their emotions and feelings. Being a riddle, they throw their partner to

the world of uncomfortably. All they need is attention, care, devotion and time to express

their feelings.

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