What Kind of Sign is Capricorn

Not really sure as to what you mean by the words “kind of sign”.

Here are the important points to remember:

1: It is a Universal sign. So, it is often concerned with broad aspects of society: government, institutions, laws, etc.

2: It is an Earth sign: it wants results, achievement on a very large scale. Disciplined determination to achieve a lot.

It is associated with maturity, deep sense of responsibility, authority, old age…..do you get the picture????

3: It is a Cardinal sign: long term goals are very important. Cardinal signs say “you don’t wait for things to come to you .

It is necessary to move strongly towards your goal.

4: Always building, more and more accomplishments, etc.

And, yes, there is a “DARK” to this sign, as there is with all signs. But, we can save that for another time.

Capricorn are Down to Earth

-Capricorn are Ambitious
-Capricorn are of the sign of punishment,
-Prone to attract negative people unfortunately
-We are cold-hearted when with new people
-Loyal to those we drop our guards for
-We get younger with age
-Lady in the street freak in the sheets
-Born natural leaders
-Queens of the zodiac

Capricorn are Logical and very humble

We love to help and understand. Hard working. Can be fun with once you get to know us. We love hard.

We want quality over quantity so our circle of people is usually small.

Capricorn Are More Than One Entity

No other sign can say they are. Capricorn get things done. Capricorn  are doers. we create the stability. Always there for anyone, friend or foe, selfless, caring and nurturing.

The backbone for others who need one. Hilarious, honest, loyal, highly intelligent. Just completely awesome!

Capricorn are Logical and Practical

Honest, hard working, critical, abrasive. But also not afraid to dream and have fun, some of the greatest writers and most intelligent people ever known have been Capricorns.

Depending on the eastern sign kind of decides how daring they will be. I’m a tiger, and I often take my Capricorn side on wild rides.

Capricorn have Mean Attitude

Down to earth, smart, rational, practical, big heart, mean attitude, not affectionate.. kind of cold exterior… but over all, wonderful people! Besides our zodiac sign doesn’t make us who we are.

Capricorn are Crazy

Crazy and you won’t know it upon first meeting

Honestly.. We hate surprises.. some people tell us that we are humble..simple and very sensitive. When bad mood strike better stay away from me.

Capricorn are Loyal

Loyal but distant because we have high expectations of others. 🙂

Capricorn are Modest

Modest, kind, selectively social and fierce warrior in every field in life <3

Capricorn are Straight Forward 

Capricorn never or like cheating always loyal to their lover.

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