Aquarius Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

Saturn rules Aquarius man Capricorn woman are ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Aquarius

is a fixed sign and Capricorn is cardinal sign. Saturn is a symbol of cold energy, forward

thinking and efficiency. Uranus is about peculiarity and abnormality. Capricorn is an earth

sign and Aquarius is an air sign.

Capricorn can teach Aquarius the benefits of disciplined and comfortable life. Aquarius can

teach Capricorn the beauty of excitement and variety in life. Aquarius believes in innovation

and creativity while Capricorn relies on rules and calculated actions to attain success. The

goat and the water bearer must understand and embrace the disparities. Their

compatibility in love, romance, marriage, friendship, relationship and other matters is given

below. A description of their issues, conflict and breakup  of Aquarius man Capricorn

woman is given too.

Aquarius Man Capricorn Woman Compatibility about Love & Relationship

Aquarius Man Capricorn Woman relation is fascinating and they have an aloof approach

about love. Manners of Capricorn hide sensuality an attachment to Aquarius.  Aquarius is

careless in the attitude but he is honest and true to what he says. He has an eye over past,

present and future at a time and likes long-term relationship. He is conservative, intuitive

and detached from his surrounding world.

Capricorn woman has individuality, far-out ideas and opinions but she avoids revealing

them to others. She is not controlled by emotions because she is strong and intelligent.

She never does anything that can embarrass or hurt her lover. She looks her relationship

with her man as traditional and wants to spend more time with him privately than

socializing with other people.

Aquarius Man Capricorn Woman Problems

Aquarius man performs different ways of love making which can disturb his lady. They need

to adjust to the taste and preferences of partners. He is somewhat detached from his

friends which can make his woman insecure. She plans events with friends and family while

expecting from her partner to join her on all events. This frustrates him because he has his

own social circle and schedule. The unpredictable and changing behavior of man drives

stable and disciplined woman crazy. They are often annoying to each otherbut they must

overlook petty issues. Love can help overcome their differences and improve relationship.

Capricorn woman can feel insecure with too many friendships of Aquarius man. The

unpredictability in his nature will attract her in the beginning of relationship but with time

she will get tired of it.

Aquarius Man Capricorn Woman Friendship

Capricorn woman is not demanding or noisy which attracts her Aquarius friend. She is down to earth and offers independence’s to her man. When she has friendship, she ignores the flaws of her man and supports him in all possible ways. She is more possessive and likes substantial bond where both have understanding. She likes friendly nature of her man and acts as a protector for him. Man gives her space while understanding her desires in an admirable way. He is always available when she needs him in hard times. He is sociable and makes friends easily with males or females. He brings out a sort of jealousy from the woman.

Capricorn starts projects and Aquarius joins her in such endeavors if he has a significant role in it. They should know that they are working for the same objectives and goals. It will make friendship smoother and more pleasant.

Aquarius man Capricorn woman In bed

When in bed, Capricorn woman and Aquarius man are a blend of reality and imagination.

Man is unpredictable and changes frequently which he manifests in his style of love

making. He does it in a variety of styles as he is happy to try interesting things in a

detached manner. On the other side, he likes intercourse which continues for hours,

devoting his entire soul to his lady. The woman is stable and likes expressive intimacy

which is satisfying for both. She is a bit shy and difficult in the beginning but once she gets

candid, she acts impressively. They are not too passionate about physical relation and he

dreams of sexual fantasy which adds curiosity in her heart.

Aquarius Man Capricorn Woman Romance Compatibility

A conflict between dreamy endeavors and realistic goals can improve or ruin romance

between Capricorn woman and her Aquarius lover. The femininity of Capricorn adds more

favorable odds providing her man with a ground to work on. The confident and fascinating

man has an edge by earning her trust as he pays his sympathy. She pays deep attention to

him and his imaginative power locks her into a romantic trap which is sort of adventurous,

flighty and quite new to her.

The man is also happy because his lady gives solution to his problems and supports him with all her interest. Aquarius man often moves from one venture to another which can be intolerable for the woman. She is sensitive and needs more than just career strides which they are making together to become satisfied. Even after the romance is over, they remain friendly to each other.  Romance takes on a diverse palette of sensuous lovemaking with a blend of occasional surprise from the man who initiates it on and off. They find true happiness in privacy and seclusion from the noisy crowds of people.

Aquarius Man Capricorn Woman Marriage

When Aquarius man marries Capricorn woman, he teaches her to move freely in life in a

fearless way. He adds vibrant charm to her monotonous boring life. She teaches him value

of stable family life and sense of security. They make a great couple where dreams are

realistic enough to be made true with consistent effort. They enjoy pure mutual love,

devotion, reserved nature and care for each other.

Capricorn woman is sagacious and practical, having prudent approach to her life. Aquarius

is innovative and intelligent with a visionary view towards everything. When they have

shared goals, the disagreements are gone which helps develop a prolific bond. The match is

uncertain which can be very sour or very smooth. The contrasting nature of Aquarius and

Capricorn will keep their marriage charming. The practical, workaholic, impartial and

tenacious wife will always be interfering with the carefree and relaxed approach of the


The best thing in the Capricorn-Aquarius marriage is the huge success they can get as a

team after working on all differences. They can live happily together and be a wonderful

team to benefit themselves as well as the community they live in.

Aquarius Man Capricorn Woman Fight

The most serious reason of conflict between Aquarius man and Capricorn woman is their focus on the disparities between each other which takes all the love away. This lack of warmth and dry emotions take their ways apart and relation is further spoiled by constant criticism and advices.

Capricorn is organized but Aquarius is a bit messy that leads to clashes and sometimes

they become really severe giving unwanted implications which can weaken the bond. When

both try to be the in charge with their personal traits, there is bad twist which breaks out a

fight easily.

The relation can go well if negative sides are worked upon with tactic and wisdom.

Compromise is the key to avoid fights.

Aquarius Man Capricorn Woman Breakup

The first cause of Aquarius and Capricorn breakup is the reasoning which is behind their

ambitions. The woman aims at her career success and busy with many accomplishments.

She saves for the rainy days taking care of stability and future family. She socialized only

when she has a benefit in it; otherwise she discontinues with that relation and does not

prolong it. Aquarius man is not a good financial planner and does not care for money or

earning big amount for future. He gives importance to other matters in life. He invests his

time and energy in work of his interest instead of a robotic nine-to-five job which can be

extremely boring to him.

Aquarius hardly understands the reason behind hard working nature of his Capricorn lady

and as he begins to understand her more, he finds her selfish. Their views are in two

opposing directions. The woman is always concerned about future and the man is more

focused on present with no plans for coming years. It can create a tiff between the two.

The man loves his freedom but woman is more family-oriented. They may have same ideas

but with different life goals that can fire up the air.

Capricorn woman takes decision with much contemplation and tries to be loyal for lifetime,

but when things go totally out of control and ending up a relation is the only option, she

makes up her mind to say good-bye to her lover. She stays dignified at the time of

departure with no grudges, insults, allegations or demands. She is strong and does not get

hurt easily on small issues.

To avoid breakup, Aquarius must control his overly friendly nature, while Capricorn should

become more social to bring some enthusiasm and adventure to their life. Aquarius feels

dictating attitude and strict rules of Capricorn as dominating and annoying. Respect and

love are two essential elements that can unite two entirely different people and save

relation from troubles caused due to incompatibility.

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