Capricorn Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

Capricorn is an earth sign which is cardinal by its nature. The symbol of this zodiac sign is goat and it is ruled by Saturn.

People born under the set of dates, December 22 to January 19, fall in this sign. The lucky day is Saturday.

Capricorns are business minded and are successful entrepreneur with leadership skills. They are workaholic and avoid immature romanticism. Their ambitious nature makes their marriage, friendship and relations smooth.

The man is focused, mature, stable and responsible. The woman is practical minded and wise. Both of them get along with each other really well.

They are able to make each other happy because they understand the desires and needs of their partner. Their loyalty, devotion and commitment make them compatible on many levels.

Capricorn couple enjoys similar preferences, beliefs, choices and ideas but there are differences too. Their relation is deeply intense and not superficial.

They are possessive about their dear ones and give high value to their families. They enjoy company of each other and love doing activities together. They are disciplined and goal-oriented.

The traits of Capricorns can differ because of ethnicity, environment, genetics, culture, education, religious views and other factors.

They have good understanding not because they share same zodiac sign but their mental perspective is similar.

Their traits and nature are compatible in many ways that makes a perfect couple. Their aims, values and morals are the same and they work together for them.

They believe in financial stability, so they strive all their life to achieve and maintain it.

Capricorn Man and Capricorn Woman Love and Relationship Compatibility:

When goals and needs are similar in love, it makes a strong foundation for relation between Capricorn man and Capricorn woman.

The difference on other levels does not matter at all. Their relationship requirements are common that helps a lot in making the relation smooth and free from conflicts.

In the beginning, they can be bashful and shy during intimacy, but with time they develop mutual understanding.

Capricorn man is outstandingly patient and highly ambitious. He has a strong desire to make his dreams come true. When it comes to expression and munificence, he is somewhat negative.

He prefers to be alone and expects appreciation from people in his social circle. He is stable and dislikes changes in his life.

He is totally committed to his lady and is very caring and protective.

Capricorn woman is practical minded with element of feminine traits in her. She has a caring heart for her dear ones and family.

It’s hard to give exact definition of Capricorn woman’s profile. She can embody a sexy girl on the beach or a doctor in a clinic.

But inside, she is a person who yearns for respect, security, important position and authority. She works to attain these goals throughout her life.

In a relationship, she needs a responsible and caring man. Neither Capricorn man nor the woman follow love at first sight theory.

They don’t believe in this immature thing. They like a long lasting relation that is stable. They can do absolutely well without love.

Capricorn Man and Capricorn Woman Problems

It is important to have equality in any relationship like friendship, marriage or any other. If one person tries to dominate the other and looks down upon him, it can literally spoil the bond in a short span of time.

It is essential to give respect to the feelings of each other and make sure they feel secure with the relation.

The Capricorn man can become bossy sometimes which can annoy his lady.

The Capricorn woman wishes having an important position in the life of his man, but when she is forced to become submissive in a harsh manner, she can be really upset.

The woman expects respect from her man because she is also respectful towards him but when he tries to subjugate her, she loses interest in him.

It can affect the stability of their relation leading to serious implications.

Capricorn Man and Capricorn Woman Friendship

The Capricorn man and Capricorn woman make perfect friendship because of compatibility at various levels.

They have disparities too but their bond is stable to keep friendship simulated. They are peaceful when they are friends.

Their sensuality and understanding for each other’s needs is awesome. As the friendship between them becomes stronger, they understand the importance of this connection.

They become more expressive in their emotions. They enjoy together and spend quality time. Their friendship is firm and can’t be broken easily.

They are devoted and faithful.

Capricorn woman is a hard nut to crack and she does not get impressed by any man easily. She is very selective when it comes to making friends.

She does not trust anyone easily because she is mature, sensible and careful.

She is introvert but social. Mental maturity and sensible nature makes them good friends.

Capricorn in Bed

Capricorn man and Capricorn woman are reserved in nature and shy. They hardly express them by speaking up about their sentiments.

They can express the love with intimacy. They release the hidden feelings when they are in bed. They try different ways of romance and explore one another in innovative ways.

They feel comfortable in the arms of each other because they understand the needs quite well. For both of them, lovemaking is intense and dynamic.

Their sexual intercourse relieves stress and eliminates space between them.

They are bored of trying the same methods every night, so they try out new ways of love making and enjoy intimacy to its fullest.

Capricorn Man and Capricorn Woman Romance Compatibility

Capricorn woman is unromantic, practical and logical.

But she has all elements of femininity and warmth her partner is looking for. She does not express her romance or love verbally but practically.

May be her devotion and long-term commitment to the relation is the expression of her love. She is loyal to her man and avoids speaking flowery romantic words to him.

At first, both of them are quite shy but with time, they are comfortable. They both enjoy romantic relationship but it is not as intense as it should be.

The woman is workaholic and practical minded, she has no immature romantic traits. She also does not believe in love at first sight. In fact, Capricorn man is also serious in romantic relationship and avoids superficial flirtations.

He also hates one-night stands and prefers and stable long-lasting relation. The truth is that, they can both live peacefully without romance.

Romance is an expression of inner feelings for Capricorns and not just physical intimacy.

Capricorn Man and Capricorn Woman Marriage

Capricorn woman makes a superb wife and is looking for a sensible father for her children.

The man is also responsible and caring. Both are family oriented and loyal to each other.

She is kind, gentle and encourages her husband because of his determination and ambitious nature that makes him a successful professional and a favorite family member.

She can be dominant at times because of her logical behavior. Both of them are ambitious. They respect each other and admire often.

They share same values and morals which helps develop better understanding after marriage.

They are wise in financial management and save money for hard times. They focus on family and give priority to their relations.

They take good care of their children and manage house very well. Their marriage becomes success because they fulfill their responsibility and are faithful to each another. Their marriage is a practical partnership based on give and take.

Capricorn Man and Capricorn Woman Fight

When there is disagreement on a certain issue, it can cause a dispute. Normally, the relation re between Capricorn woman and man goes smooth, but if there is contradiction in some place, it can heat up the environment and make them harsh. Sometimes, they have argument over who is going to be the bread-earner and stay-at-home person?

Because both of them are professional and hard-working, they don’t like staying idle at home.

They have difficulty in deciding on which one will be in office and which one will look after the home affairs. It affects their marriage causing fights off and on.

To overcome this issue, it is good to divide duties and evenly assign to each other. Consulting an marriage or relationship counselor may also help.

Capricorn Man and Capricorn Woman Breakup

The man and woman are both practical minded and they avoid impulsive moves.

They take decisions wisely and give a thought to all perspectives of any matter. They don’t decide of breakup easily and try to settle the dispute first.

If still things go wrong and woman feels she is being deceived, she will try to end up the relations. Same is the case with Capricorn man.

Usually, they prefer a long-term stable relation but misunderstanding can ruin the relation and sever the bond between them with the passage of time.

They rarely think of dumping each other and are mature with their partner. Breakup is often a mutual decision in Capricorns.

They do it in a dignified way without insulting the other or taking revenge. They maintain the element of respect even at the time of departure.

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