Why Capricorns are so Mysterious

Why Capricorns are so Mysterious, in order to figure it out give a read to this post. Capricorns are probably the most mysterious of all the signs.

We are pretty private, introspective, and have a tendency to over analyze shit to the death. We are loyal but once you fucked up, we basically done with you.

There’s no turning back. We are very much a go-getter. We are the type that feels that ”Nobody can do some shit for you like you can for yourself” so we hate depending upon people for anything.

We’ll do whatever we can on our own before lean on another person, which can be to our detriment at times.

To make this more accurate we put this question in front of Capricorn Family we have on Facebook.

And in return we get some authentic and most common replies from all our Capricorn fans around the world against this query:

 Why Capricorns are so Mysterious. Reasons are given below:

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