Why are Capricorns so Unlucky in Love

You are asking two question here and those are Why are Capricorns so Unlucky in Love and

what are those mistakes to be avoided in future to make our self lucky in love.

Actually Capricorns are not unlucky in love why because they have high standards, they

don’t take things for granted, they hate lies, they are expensive to others and most

specially they are self depends.

This post is generated after getting the opinions from Capricorns across the world against

the question: Why are Capricorns so Unlucky in Love? And in result we get some cool,

serious and funny reply from all our Caps fans around the world.

Under this post you can find 20 most common responses we get from Capricorns.

Hope you would like it! appreciate it! and enjoy it! 🙂

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