Top 10 Capricorn Personality Traits Male

Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Saturn. This sign denotes balance, stability and wisdom. Those who fall under the sign are popularly known as Goats. 10 prominent Capricorn Personality Traits Male are:

Reasonable and Realistic

One of the strongest traits of a Capricorn man is that he is a sensible and astute person. His decisions are logical taking into account all facts and then making the appropriate decision.

High Achievers

Capricorn traits are go getters in life. They are self-assured persons setting big goals and striving for their attainment. Their driving force in life is a secure future for themselves and their family. Hence, all aspirations work towards completion of that goal.


Capricorn male rarely get carried away by fantasies. Since they are sensible and reasonable in their approach towards life, they act wisely in all situations. Their friends usually seek advice from them and have confidence in their judgment.


A Capricorn male is known for his disciplined attitude. He has a single-minded and no nonsense approach towards his goals. He emphasizes important matters and seriously deals with them rather than casually.


Capricorn male are patient in life. Despite the fact that they want to attain their goals, they do not rush in its attainment. They believe in the saying “Slow and steady wins the race”, and understand that it takes time to build something worthwhile.

Vigilant and Cautious

A Capricorn male is vigilant and discreet in his actions. It is highly unlikely that he will do anything on impulse. He weighs his actions against the reactions. If he finds it appropriate, he will act on it or else anything that is risky will be dismissed.


Since Capricorn man are goal-oriented nature, they sometimes behave negatively towards their achievements. They are never satisfied of achieving enough. Further due to their skeptical nature, they are hesitant in exploring new opportunities and avenues.


Capricorn man are generally stubborn and rigid. They believe that what they say or do is correct and have no room to accommodate opinions of others once their minds are made up.

Ego Centric

Capricorn male are mostly found to be self centered and opinionated. While assessing a situation or circumstance, they always put themselves first and ponder over its outcome like how the situation will it affect them, will it be beneficial to them or not etc. This preoccupation with their own welfare points to the selfish and ego centric attribute of Capricorn male.

Temperamental and Moody

Capricorn man can be very unpredictable and moody at times. They have sudden mood swings from being endearing people one instance while very grumpy at the next instance. These erratic moods can cause others to distant themselves away from them. Capricorn man believe in realistic approach. If you agree with above mention Capricorn  Personality Traits Male than do share with your friends and family. 🙂

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