Capricorn Woman Personality Traits You Must Know

The Capricorn woman are the most determined of all other zodiac signs because once they decide on something; they try hard to achieve it in any case without caring for the risks involved. Their strong will power makes them successful in their career.

Their maturity makes them responsible and sensible. They are prodigious and highly confident about their skills, talent and capabilities that makes them successful in their life. Capricorn women lucky numbers are 1,4,8,10,13,17,19,22 and 26. It doesn’t mean they can’t choose any other digits considering them unlucky. Lucky colors for Capricorn women are black, brown and steel gray. Their lucky day can be Saturday. Various signs are compatible to Capricorn such as Taurus, Virgo, Cancer and Capricorn. They can have good understanding with people with these signs.

Their marriage, friendship, business partnership goes perfect with them. The traits in Capricorn are mainly affected by culture, education, environment and location. Not all Capricorns enjoy the same positive qualities. Maturity level improves as they age.

Capricorn Woman Personality characteristics

Capricorn woman are highly ambitious and set their goals. Their nature is conservative and not quite liberal. They are practical and help others according to their capacity. They are good organizers and team leaders. They focus on their job with loyalty and responsibly. In fact, they are workaholics, logical, not sentimental and indulged in their work.

Capricorn woman personality are independent and do not trust on others often. They work for their financial goals with dedication. They have humility in them and are not very proud.

Capricorn Woman in love

For Capricorn, love is an exchange of feelings that satisfies mentally and physically. It gives security to them. They give importance to love and relationship. They consider love as responsibility and bond. It’s about stability, security and sensuality. They take some time to open up their heart and show the charming side of their personality. Saturn instills respect for age, success, culture and achievement in them.

Capricorns are impressed by wealthy and successful people. They give high importance to family and they avoid superficial relations like flirtations or one-night stand. They keep relations for lifetime or a long time and don’t like temporary bonds.

When Capricorn woman are in love, they are caring and trustworthy. They are not the one who like excessive emotional expressions; instead they are mature, sober, self-controlled and careful in their love approach. They understand others but sometimes behave in a selfish way. They are reserved and may not express their deep feelings or desires to the partners. They keep their wishes to them and hardly reveal to people around.

They are passionate and like to enjoy the company of their ideal man. Most of them are conservative but they get frank to show their interesting personality. Their sense of humor is good and with a bit sarcasm in it. They love perfection, high standards, maturity and quality in all conditions.

They may be irritating to their husbands sometimes but they are loyal and caring. They don’t like their partners dictate them in love relationship. They support them in ups and downs of life. They love company of their beloved and are in love with only those men who have power, wealth, success, determination, loyalty and maturity.

Capricorn Woman Positive traits

Capricorn woman are ambitious as mentioned above. They have specific aim in their life and they work hard to achieve that. They are loyal and faithful to their employers, elders, partners, friends, colleagues, relatives and spouses. They are responsible and fulfill their duty. They are not careless or ignorant of their responsibilities. Their self-controlled nature makes them unemotional and logical. They use their mind and brain instead of heart and feelings. They are strong having a good sense of justice. They are reserved and frank both.

They give and ask for respect. They think that everyone should get equal opportunities to pursue their dreams and future goals in order to have a secure life. Capricorn women think logically and consider all perspectives including positive and negative outcomes. They never decide impulsively and ponder deep. They avoid taking risks and are stable. They believe in family values and never defy them. They have a good social circle; they prefer having the company of selective people who are mentally compatible to them. They have high standards and don’t compromise over them in any situation. They give appreciation to honest criticism.

Capricorn Woman Negative traits

Besides good qualities, Capricorn women have negative side as well. They are stubborn and not flexible because they don’t follow others easily. It can lead to disobedience and cause them serious harm especially at official and professional level. Their pessimistic thinking can make them depressed as they are not hopeful about circumstances around them.

They are often suspicious and fear things that do not exist in reality. Such women are inhibited and resentful because they don’t accept others opinions easily. The nature of being disciplined, determined, goal-oriented, unemotional, stable, mature and perfect can be annoying to others because they may impose it to the people around, especially those who are care-free and emotional working aimlessly.

As Capricorn women are workaholic, too much work can disturb their health. Having too much burden beyond body’s capacity to handle can lead to some disorders. They can suffer from skin diseases, eczema, rheumatism and arthritis without realizing they are being self-destructive. The condition can get worse with time leading to severe health issues. Sometimes, they can cause irreversible loss like a lifetime implication or a disability.

Good news is that the health issues can be avoided by taking healthy diet on time. It is essential to strike a balance between work, exercise, recreational activities and sleep. The Capricorn traits Female are quite diverse.

11 Best Capricorn Woman Traits:

Capricorn Woman are Energetic and Lively

Capricorn woman is lively and bubbly. She is the center of attention wherever she goes because of her pleasing personality and good sense of humor.

Capricorn Woman have Non Materialistic Heart

Capricorn female lacks materialism in worldly affairs. She aspires to achieve the best for herself and her loved ones, but does not get lost in the pursuit of worldly desires.

Capricorn Woman are Ambitious

Capricorn female is ambitious and career oriented like her male counterparts. She can excel in any profession she wants as long as she has the will and desire to succeed. She looks for security, authority, respect and position.

Capricorn Woman are Immaculate Grooming Etiquette

Capricorn women have immaculate etiquette of elegance and modesty. They like to dress up in the best of outfits, adorned in the best of makeup and hair styled to perfection. They pay special attention to the way they look at all times.

Capricorn Woman Sometimes Moody

Capricorn woman has intense mood swings. She can become really depressed for months and is quite unpredictable with her moods.

Capricorn Woman are Practical

A Capricorn woman does not portray the trait of wishful thinking. She is practical in worldly matters. She sees only those dreams that can be changed into reality. In short, she enters a boat only when she knows for sure that the waters are safe.

Capricorn Woman are Social Etiquette

A Capricorn female is hospitable and warm when it comes to displaying social etiquette. She will use her finest cutlery and portray her finest hospitality skills when entertaining guests, hence depicting that she is a peoples’ person.

Capricorn Woman have Respect for Family

A Capricorn woman needs a life partner who respects her family and relatives. She cannot take negative criticism neither can you stop her from taking care of her family. Therefore, this points to the essential fact that she will be equally caring and protective of your family too.

Capricorn Woman are Cleanliness

The home of a Capricorn female will always be sparkling clean, that to without much effort. She has the capability to make the dullest surroundings looks warm and attractive with her aesthetic sense and earthly passion.

Capricorn Woman are Realist

The Capricorn woman is a realist. Daydreaming is not her idea of spending time. In fact, she believes in the pursuance ad achievement of her dreams. She foresees dreams with the aspiration of turning them into reality one day.

Capricorn Woman are Family Woman

Capricorn woman as much as she is an entrepreneur or a working woman, is equally active with her domestic chores and responsibilities. As a mother, she will teach the kids discipline, economy, practicality, etiquette and respect for elders. As a wife, she will support her life partner and take care of his needs.

As a daughter, she will look after her parents and be of service to them. All in all she is a miracle woman when it comes to managing the internal and external responsibilities of the home and work.

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