Top Ten Capricorn Negative Traits That Can Actually Be Good


Capricorn is the 10th star sign in the zodiac cycle. It is ruled by the planet Saturn and

denotes balance, stability and wisdom. Those born under this sign are well-known for

numerous positive traits, however, many Capricorn Negative Traits also over rule this star

sign. Nobody is perfect. Hence every star sign does have their positive and negative

aspects. It is important to learn about the dark side along with the bright and positive

sides, thus enabling us to understand and deal with them better. Capricorn Negative Traits

That Can Actually Be Good are discuss below.


Capricorns are sometimes considered pessimistic in their attitude towards life since they

find it hard to seek for ways to go against the odds. Therefore, even after achieving goals

the best of their abilities, they still think of themselves as the under-achievers.


Capricorns are generally stubborn and rigid. They believe that what they say or do is

correct and have no room to accommodate opinions of others once their minds are made

up. They rarely change their viewpoints and outlooks on something.


Although Capricorns have very good communication skills, they are generally considered to

be shy individuals. Hence, it’s not surprising when we see them taking their sweet time to

open up to the best buddies only.


Capricorns are mostly found to be self centered and opinionated. While assessing a

situation or circumstance, they always put themselves first and ponder over its outcome

like how the situation will it affect them, will it be beneficial to them or not etc. They are

extremely conscious of how the events around their lives will affect them, causing others to

think that they are selfish.


Capricorns do not get close to others beyond a certain point until they are fully comfortable

and aware of the other person’s personality and might be highly detached people who shall

not get close to others beyond the certain point until they can understand these ones

clearly. As a consequence, emotional involvement will not come to them easily.


Capricorns are extremely moody as per their Horoscope. They may be humorous and witty

one moment, while irritable and sullen the next minute. These mood swings may

sometimes prove so serious that may ruin anything for them.


Many people consider Capricorns to be insensitive and indifferent towards the needs of

others. This lack of sensitivity drives the Capricorn to lose scores in the scale of some

emotional star signs like Pisceans and Cancerians.


Another negative characteristically of the Capricorn is their interest in material things.

This sometimes may be exaggerated and overcome them with greed and avarice.

Overbearing and pushy

A Capricorn personality thinks they know what is best for everyone and in this process may

become too bossy. A typicality Capricorn tries to correct others rather than amending his

own faults and ways.

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