The 10 Most Capricorn Woman Bad Habits have on First Date

Women are living soul of Habits. In this article you can find The 10 Most Capricorn Woman

Bad Habits have on First Date.

One-word answers to every question

I don’t know if it’s out of coyness, or nervousness, or what, but find a way to elaborate a

little, because “yeah” and “no” aren’t exactly chemistry-inducing responses. Don’t be too

much precise when question asked.

Letting it turn into an interview

The opposite extreme leaves some women walking away from the date thinking “God, he

like barely talked at all.” Yeah, that’s because you answered every question in paragraphs

and then waited until he asked the next one. A lot of guys aren’t naturally forthcoming, so

you have to ask back.

Leaving the guy at the steering wheel all by himself

Good date planning means loose planning, and when there’s a choice to be made (Another

drink? What kind of food sounds good?), stop saying “I don’t care.” You’re leaving all the

work to him, which is not the end of the world, but it leaves him thinking you don’t have

any opinions on anything — which is much, much worse than disagreeable opinions.

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