Capricorn Man Taurus Woman Problems

Capricorn has some Sun Signs that get along better with than others. However, this does not mean that if a Sun Sign match is challenging, a difficult relationship will emerge.

Actually, there is no 100% perfect Capricorn relationship. And it is up to the two individuals to help make the relationship better since every Capricorn is slightly different.
It is said that the most compatible signs with Capricorn are Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces.

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Capricorn Man Taurus Woman Relationship:

Taurus is ruled by Venus while Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Taurus is a planet of love and beauty, while Saturn denotes peace and stability. Hence in unison the two seem like the perfect relationship.

A Capricorn Man is earthy and cardinal and so is a Taurus woman. Both are advocates of security and loyalty in their relationship.

The Taurus woman is loving and sweet with a few goals in life and a devoted heart. She provides him with a perfect wife, mother, hostess who can take care of his home and children and if needed can stand by him as a strong support.

Thus, a Capricorn man finds a great companion in her who is in many ways identical to him.

However, there a few problems that may arise in the Capricorn Taurus relationship due to:

Communication skills:

A Capricorn man is a person of few words. He often has a difficult time expressing his love through words or actions. This is a drawback that can blow over and upset a Taurus woman, since she is quite expressive in thoughts, words and actions.

Adaptability issues:

As the relationship of Taurus woman and Capricorn man progresses, problems may arise when neither of the two is ready to adapt to differences in personalities. This may lead to long periods of frustration.

Handling of Finances:

A Taurus woman is extravagant while a Capricorn man is practical and balanced. He is usually seen handling the finances in their relationship and this may lead to problems and fights in their relationship.

Ability to talk:

Since a Taurus woman is a straightforward person, she naturally lets go of all her secrets. However, a Capricorn man is quite secretive at times and likes to maintain a certain amount of space between them.

This inability to talk openly can cause barriers in their relationship and may distance them from each other.


A Capricorn man is thus suggested to understand his Taurus partner and give her room to express her thoughts in order to strengthen the bond of relationship between the two and make it long lasting.

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