Signs That a Capricorn Man Likes you


Signs That a Capricorn Man Likes you

Your Capricorn man is not an easy person. He will not directly come up to you to tell you

that he likes you. You will have to judge him by his behaviors. Behaviors exhibit certain

signs which can be studied and do not need much effort to be noticed.

Why is this so?

It is because Capricorn men are very shy. They are reserve in their approach and they

cannot be blunt about their feelings. They will hide their feelings for as long as they

possibly can.

So,here is a list of those few signs which will be pretty evident if you start looking for them

and know that he is totally into you!

  1. He will be possessive about you:

If he likes you, he would want to have you for him and he will not want to share you or

your attention with anyone else. If a guy shows his interest in you he will get jealous or tell

you to stay away from him. Apparently he will be doing this because he is your friend but

*wink wink* now you should know what is going on internally.

  1. He will take care of you:

No matter what you do where you go, he will make sure that he is there for you whenever

you need him. It is in the instinct of men that they take great care of stuff that they value.

If he is showing so much concern about you in any way, you have that as a signal that he is

into you head over heels!

  1. He will Open up to you:

Usually, Capricorn men are very reserve and they do not like to share their personal stuff

including their feelings and concerns with anybody. They will stick around and be there for

their friends and loved ones but they will never show that they need someone too.

If your guy is interested in you and he is looking into the future with you in it, he will start

opening up to you. He will share his worries, his concerns and his happy moments with

you. If he starts doing so, you can be sure that he is pretty much thinking about you all the

time and wants to build a life with you.

  1. He will never flirt with you if he is not serious:

If he is flirting with you, lady, you have got be sure that something is up. Capricorn men

are gentlemen and they do not flirt around and use such tactics only to have fun. He will be

around hundreds of women but he will never approach anybody like this if he is not

seriously into her. So, if he is flirting, he is actually telling you that he is serious.

  1. He shares his thoughts and you help him in decision making:

This is the ruling signal that will lead you to reality. Capricorn men are very decisive and

they are their own persons but if he has started including you, Bingo! You are his woman