You Think Capricorns Need Your Stuff? Think Again


A branch of science which is strongly connected to the zodiac signs leads you towards the

world of Astrology. These zodiac signs have distinct features which enable them to

distinguish themselves from the other ones. Astrology presents 12 zodiac signs, and among

them one is going to be discussed which is Capricorn.

The ranking of Capricorn according to zodiac signs is tenth (10). The zodiac element of

Capricorn is Earth, therefore it is considered as Earth sign. From the astrological perspective,

Saturn serves to be the ruling planet of this sign. It is symbolized with Mountain sea goat.

Earth Sign:

Earth sign is so called because it attains the features of the Earth with itself. Every zodiac

sign possesses the traits of its zodiac element. More or less they are affiliated to their

elements. Earth injects its loyalty, sincerity, passion, divine love, ambition, intelligence and

many other traits into the Capricorns. It somehow holds the qualities of Taurus and Virgo, as

these two are also wired to Earth. It doesn’t mean at all that these three are alike. As the

siblings don’t carry same features, same is the case with three.

Ruling Plant-Saturn:

Saturn child could neglect its ruler. Capricorns are usually matured ones and disciplined

personalities. They are the ones who don’t bear irresponsibility, childish attitudes, and messy

things. They have a strong impact of their ruling planet. A Greek myth that is related to the

Sun sign is; it became rebellious and threw his father Uranus forcibly from power and tended

to be the father of the zodiac signs. That is why; Capricorns are the authoritative

personalities who know how to command others. At times, it happens when their strengths

turn into their weaknesses. The zodiac sign seems to be closer to the Sun. Being a mixture of

Earth and Saturn, a Capricorn could explore himself/ herself in a best possible way.

You Think Capricorns Need Your Stuff Think Again

Positive Energies:

Capricorn’s peculiarities include loyalty, home and family orientation, compassionate

regarding their work, devotion, faith, and so on. Earth being a symbol of loyalty, enables

Capricorns to be loyal enough in all their dealings. Earth sign is not materialistic; he/she is in

need of sincerity, affection and devotion. Capricorns are the attention seekers. The winter

seasoned Capricorn has tendency to provide you comfort but in case of non fair dealings they

serve to be cold enough. They are not concerned with money, lavish lifestyle, and luxurious

vehicles; it doesn’t mean that they aren’t in need of all these rather their priorities are

internal qualities instead of external ones.

Negative Energies:

Capricorns are fully energetic and their energy comes from their Earthy characteristics. They

spend their quality time with their friends. The mountain goat is passionate in giving or

showing firm and constant support to their mates. Negative energies of Capricorns are; they

are pessimistic (low energy of optimism), they are not easy to follow, when they live in

highly materialistic society they become money oriented, they act like a snob. They are

loftiest as well as rockiest ones.