9 Things You Should Never Say To A Capricorn


Few things are mention below that are not allowed to do or say to a Capricorn man or woman.

when a Capricorn is in a bad mood, leave them alone because they don’t care about anything at that time.

Capricorns are allergic to stupidity so forgive them if they don’t want to sit and listen to the bullshit that are coming straight from your mouth.

When a Capricorn doesn’t like someone they cut them off quick, like its nothing.

Checkout the list of 9 Things You Should Never Say To A Capricorn.

1: Never show off what you have; Cappies don’t have time for that.

2: Don’t dare being a fool in front of Capricorn. They can’t stand fools.

3: These natives are known for their slow but steady progress; so don’t call them slow.

4: Never ask Cappies to reconsider their thoughts.

5: Capricorns are reserved; so don’t expect them to share personal matters.

6: Call them boring and you lose a reliable Cap friend.

7: They live for ambitions. So it;s better not to ask them to leave their careers.

8: Don’t push Capricorn away, because once they are gone, it is too late.

9: Don’t ask a Capricorn to follow your rules; they are self-made.


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