What are the Advantages of being Capricorn over having another Zodiac Sign?


1: As Capricorn we can be a mystery even to ourselves. We tend to be open-minded, original, and real.

Our loyalty, love, and friendship are golden and something that is hard to find in this lifetime and we are oh so stubborn in that we ain’t go do whatever we don’t wanna do.

However we can take on quite a lot but we still must get our time alone before we explode due to adding everyone else’s stresses to our own.

We tend to fight our matches alone and with a forced smile on our faces. We love hard but once we’re done caring and done allowing people to take us for granted, we move forward while forgiving em.

We get our rewards yes, but the pain is not worth it especially when we’re the ones left behind to wipe our own tears and to keep ourselves lifted up.

Only a select few will ever understand us (even just one person is fine, or none of course) and only a select fewer will be able to have the honor of staying by our sides in a lifetime.

2: Capricorn keep it real & we’re brutally honest. Down side is that people tend to walk out of caps life which is fine b/c Capricorn do just fine on our own too.

3: Capricorn would say the brutal honesty is a great quality, because it makes our compliments very genuine. This quality can be too much for some though.

4: Capricorn strong will power, as many times as we might tumble down that mountain we swim our happy asses right back to surface and continue climbing. No obstacles to big or small for a cap. That makes us pretty amazing.

5: We Capricorn just the best most mature, most level headed of all the zodiac. We personally look at all the other zodiacs as our children we are the mother of the zodiac.

6: Capricorn are the most realistic, no bullshit type for sure. Not always pleasant or friendly but real for sure. That’s the biggest advantage of Capricorn.

7: Capricorn’s are Great leaders, resilient, intelligent, interesting, ambitious, business minded, loyal, loving, goal oriented, great parents, great spouses, get what we want and the list goes on. 🙂

8: We Capricorn can take on anything and expect even more. We wont be surprised or shocked when faced with adversity.

9: We Capricorn’s rarely doubt our selves. We are born with our minds made up already.

10: Capricorn are so real and down to earth that other signs love us when we don’t even be rocking with them.