Pisces Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility


Capricorn is an earth sign and Pisces is a water sign. Capricorn appreciates wealth and luxury and likes to get opulent possessions.

Pisces, on the other hand values emotions and controls relationship from the background. Pisces is a mutable sign and Capricorn is cardinal.

Saturn rules Capricorn and the ruling planets for Pisces are Neptune and Jupiter.  Symbol of Saturn is reliability and perseverance.

The symbols of Jupiter are development and academy. Neptune symbolizes disillusion, fantasy and dreams.

These three planets make a wonderful union which can lead to deep understanding between the two signs. One of them is sensitive and the other is insensitive.

Compatibility about Love and Relationship

The match of a Capricorn woman Pisces man is so natural and it’s just like made in heaven.

It means they were supposed to be made for each other because they are so perfect for their partners.

Falling in love for a Pisces man is a good thing because he is easy going ad has a strong imagination with sensitive and caring nature. He cares for others genuinely not in obtrusive style or an annoying way. He tries to understand his partner when he is in a relationship.

Pisces wishes to know the desires of his lady and views her as an important project he has to understand to finish it.

He is not too passionate like a Capricorn man but his type of passion is entirely a different one. The passion of Capricorn man is bold and driven but Pisces man has internal passion.

Pisces man looks for relationship that is free from conflict and smooth like silk with no bumps along the road where he enjoys privacy with his woman.

He is deeply caring and does not verbally express his feelings in flowery words. While making decisions, he can be bewildered because of any reason and looks at his partner to take the lead to take the right move.

He likes a mix of patience and passion in his lady.

Capricorn woman goes gradually in relationship and comes along steadily with planning. She stays firm to her decisions once she makes them and is strong enough.

She does not like indecisiveness in her partner but she can ignore this quality if it is present. While she is in a love relationship, she means every spoken word and hates if her partner perceives wrong meaning from her conversation.

She wants a strong connection with him and a communal bond which is based on give and take and there is neither all taking nor all giving.

She likes formality in relation and gives appreciation to her partner. She is loyal and expects loyalty from her man in return.

Pisces man Capricorn woman Problems

There are some disparities in Capricorn woman and a Pisces man which can create some trouble in relationship.

Capricorn woman likes to be tidy, organized and orderly but Pisces is not of this sort as he is a bit messy in his personal life.

It should not be a big concern but it can annoy Capricorn and Pisces can also be annoyed by the disciplined nature and strict rules of Capricorn.

She may think Pisces as unsympathetic and cold. The man may consider the lady as secretive, elusive, emotionally vulnerable and too rigid.

When Pisces man is given freedom, he stays happy and nice but when he is pressurized and restricted, he can fall from grace.

He can become difficult for his lady and also people around him. When someone smothers his liberty he becomes restless and nervous.

They need to adapt to each other’s behavior in order to avoid day to day tiff and argument.

The quarrels between Pisces and Capricorn always have happy reconciliation and the arguments do not prolong for months.

Pisces man Capricorn woman Friendship

The friendship of Pisces male and Capricorn female is not an ideal one because they don’t have much in common.

Capricorn thinks rationally and works tirelessly to attain her goals. Pisces is spiritual, imaginative and thinks of tastes of people in his social circle. They form a deep and faithful friendship anyhow.

Capricorn give compliments to considerate and varying nature of Pisces and he admires practicality and resolution of Capricorn.

The friendship between Pisces and Capricorn strengthens over time. They make a great team and complement each other nicely.

The best thing between them is the balance they get by their complementary nature. The man provides his lady with what she wants and vice versa. It helps maintain intense, deep friendship.

Pisces man Capricorn woman In bed

Intimacy between Pisces man and Capricorn woman is harmonious and effortless. The water and earth signs combine to form a charming love bond.

The lady is hesitant in the beginning but she comes out of her shell after some time and becomes more expressive in bed.

They enjoy lovemaking as both have intensity to give to each other. They enjoy a satisfying intercourse which is gratifying.

This bonding is intense and passionate. She displays her feelings practically by staying with him for a long time.

She is not too sexy and hot like other women but she is charming and likes soft intercourse.

Pisces man Capricorn woman Romance Compatibility

Capricorn woman is not typically romantic but he possesses feminine appeal and warmth her partner needs.

Being a workaholic, she is a practical minded woman who never lives in a fantasy world where prince charming comes to take her in his arms and sings sweet melodies.

She is conservative and shy in the beginning and expresses her feeling with her actions instead of words.

Capricorn woman is tender like a caretaker is with a baby. Romantically, she and Pisces man can be disconnected and docile but he sparks up her.

This new energy can dim out depending upon the behavior of man. He should be more time-conscious while romancing with his lady.

Pisces man Capricorn woman Marriage

The match between Pisces man and Capricorn woman is nearly perfect. There is a delicate balance between both signs.

He is puzzled about taking decisions and is unable to make wise choice, so she helps him choose the best available option. She does not take the full control but pays attention to make the relation stable.

She wants a relation that develops slowly and is not impulsive at all. Both of them don’t like rushing so they go well as husband and wife.

They don’t like to second guess their relationship and allow things to occur naturally. The passion of man attracts her Capricorn woman in an appealing way.

Her passion for loyalty comforts and gives warmth to her Pisces man. While he dreams high in his imaginative world, she focuses to make these dreams come true for both of them.

She is totally family-oriented and loves her dear ones sincerely.

Pisces keeps his ego away from his marriage and gives all the love his wife demands. Their understanding keeps the married life smooth and effortless.

They stand united in all thick and thin with stability.

Pisces man Capricorn woman Fight

Mostly, conflict occurs when harsh remarks of Capricorn hurt Pisces and he needs to accept this fact as nature of his lady.

He may also dislike the obstinate behavior but with his caring attitude, he can overcome this issue.

The disagreement is possible when Pisces becomes too imaginative and lost in his fantasy world which can hamper his professional growth. Capricorn is practical and lives her life in reality.

When woman gets stubborn or too strict with her rules which confine his man, the air gets fired up.

They began having issues with one another and relationship begins to suffer. The impractical behavior and disorganized nature of man can be intolerable for her lady sometimes.

The difference in personalities is a bone of contention between the two which severs the ties and spoils the charm of a wonderful relation.

Pisces man Capricorn woman Breakup

When altercations go beyond control and partners lose their temper to an alarming level, it gives serious consequences.

It’s time they end up a suffering relation but Capricorn dumps her lover in a dignified manner without bearing any grudge or insulting him.

She considers a situation from all perspectives and takes decision wisely after much pondering.

She never rushes in finalizing a matter of her life. She is strong and not delicate like ordinary women. She does not get hurt easily and tries to maintain stability in her relations.

Still if the issues persist frequently, it is better to say good-bye instead of making a mess together.

If Pisces man is smart to face facts and Capricorn woman remains happy to get the benefits, they have contented life.

Their union becomes unforgettable. He often is on an oscillating scale of gender reversal for all relations he is committed to.

She is well-known for loyalty, reliability, practicality and efficiency.

The environment, ethnicity, religious beliefs, sect, social status and many other factors can affect the behavior and traits of Pisces man and Capricorn woman.

People adapt to changing lifestyle and relations groom with the passage of time. Nobody is static and life is dynamic for all.