Libra Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility


Libra people are born between September 23 and October 22. Capricorn women have date of birth between December 22 and January 20. Libra is cardinal air sign and Capricorn is cardinal earth sign.

They are not the most perfect match in the Zodiac; still they can have a long-term and stable relation.

The traits of both are somewhat similar and also different in a few aspects. One is romantic, other is practical. The lady is reserved; the man is extrovert and open.

Relationship and Love Compatibility

Libra man and Capricorn woman give high value to partnership and they are both committed in different manner.

Capricorn is reserved but Libra is open when it comes to show love. Libra gives importance to romance and eloquence. Capricorn believes in practice display of love. Libra man is good at listening.

He takes help from intellect and logic while taking decision. Once he has decided on something, nobody can change his mind. His smile has magical effect of trapping women in a blink of an eye.

He has a splendid and pleasant personality that easily impresses others. He is emotional, intelligent and considerate whose mind is clear about relations.

He loves having balance in his life and deals people fairly. When in love, he is romantic and expressive. He often tries to avoid conflict with his woman.

Capricorn woman is a leader as she is strong and decent. She prefers being formal and dislikes sloppiness especially when she is in public. She avoids indecent behavior. She likes people with high self-esteem and ambition.

She also has both these qualities. She is social and desires an important place in her relationships.

She is attached to her dear ones family. When she is in a relationship, she is loyal to her partner. She looks for security and stability in him. His man gives importance to romance and she likes practical expression of love .

She appreciates her man’s commitment towards their relation. She has a sense of competency that her partner likes. She trusts her Libra man and surprises him with her gentle loving nature.

The man is adaptable and flexible to smoothly adjust with her. She appreciates this quality of her beloved. He desires support from her lady instead of her career minded ideals. If she hurts him, he does not heal quickly.

Libra man is the most charming in all zodiac signs with an open mind when he is in relation with Capricorn woman.

A woman, who is mature makes good career. He has full support for her lady and indulges in her devotion and loyalty.

Problems Compatibility

Of course, there are downsides in every relation. If Capricorn woman treats his man like she does with her career, there is conflict between both of them.

Libra man wants to stay independent and hates restrictions on him. But if he is pressurized by her lady, he gets annoyed instantly. It can directly spoil their relation.

The man must settle down any dispute in a decent way by not rejecting her harshly because it can hurt her. She will become bitter and cold with his rough manners.

The relationship between both the signs is not so easy. The man has mood swings off and on. He is care-free now and the next moment he becomes angry.

If lady puts restrictions over him, he shows his nerves and angry side. In that situation, it’s good to leave him by his side all alone and let his anger fizzle out.

The lady has mood swings too but they are not too frequent. They need to put some effort to work with this mood issue to make relation pleasant.

Friendship Compatibility

Libra man and Capricorn woman trust each other. They discover beauty of the love and like helping each other in all situations throughout their life.

They have mutual respect with commitment that helps them deal with all disparities between them. They like doing activities together.

They appreciate qualities and achievements of one another. Capricorn woman’s main focus in her work, career and home that allows her consider lower expectations from her friend.

But she demands respect and doesn’t like too much sentimental behavior.

Libra man and Capricorn woman in bed

The nature of sexual relation between Libra man and Capricorn Woman is unclear and subtle which dominates.

It is possible if they both compromise wisely. They should understand the biological desires of their partners and fill up any gaps.

They should quit those traits that are offensive to each other. The woman is quiet and passive in her sexual expression.

She likes slow sensuality and deeper connection that is gently passionate. The man is not so deep because he is a bit detached from this intimacy experience.

This factor makes the lady feel lonely and unsatisfied. He should learn how to show her lady that he can be passionate towards her in bed.

She expresses her love and deep desires. He can learn from her to approach his inner passions.

Romance Compatibility

Like normal romantic relations, Libra man and Capricorn Woman connection depends on how much they want to make an effort to improve the relation.

There are some drawbacks of this relation but the advantages are more which help make things work for both of them.

A romantic relation between them is good as long as they act mature.

Capricorn woman is reserved and Libra man is extrovert, so he will make the first move. When they communicate, the man understands that the lady is a hard nut to crack.

She is careful in selection of her lovers and friends. He is charismatic and spirited while she is realistic and humble.

Marriage Compatibility

Marriage of Libra man and Capricorn woman has various advantages.

They are emotionally compatible and both of them dislike superficial expression of anger. Libra hates conflict and Capricorn too as she wants marriage go smoothly.

Knock-down fights are not their habit and they avoid it. They enjoy life and love book reading. They have a taste in fine art and food.

They are mentally matched because they like talking about arguments and avoid foul language. Both of them avoid conflicts.

The career-oriented nature of Capricorn makes marriage a success as she has not too many expectations from her husband.

She is logical and unemotional. She can’t speak flowery words of romance with her partner. She likes to work hard to attain her professional goals and behaves sensibly with her man.

She has strong connection with her family and home so she makes a wonderful care taker and home manager.

She is wise in spending money and handling finances. So, there is no room for severe hardships in her married life.

Fight Compatibility

Capricorn saves money but Libra is lavish in spending, so they can have fight over it.

Capricorn tries to dictate Libra about financial management that gives rise to conflict between them.

When there is difference of opinion there can be a fight. Sometimes, Libra and Capricorn have disagreement because Libra takes the opposite side in a funny style and seldom debates for no reason.

This can enrage Capricorn as she discusses the issue. When there is a strong conflict in anything, obviously, they fight but often it’s not a serious one that can cause breakup.

These are just light arguments that are absolutely normal in any couple or friends.

Breakup Compatibility

Capricorn woman is mature and takes decision wisely. She avoids impulsive thinking and does not break up quickly. S

he considers a situation or a relation from all perspective trying to make a way out for settlement at any cost.

She is loyal and tries to maintain her relation on a long-term basis and does not get hurt easily. She has patience and respect.

But if she dumps her man, there must be a logical reason behind it. The man may be disrupting her efforts to achieve her goals. When she is getting hurdles in her social and professional aspirations from her man, she thinks of a breakup.

If Libra is dragging her down, insulting and trying to tarnish her good image, he becomes an unwanted person in her life.

For Capricorn woman, the relentless pursuit of status and success makes her career a priority over love. According to experts, the workaholic nature of Capricorn lady is a main reason of breakup.

Libra man feels demoralized when he is rejected. He will instantly take an action to come out of depression. He will try his best to bring her lady back into his life.

If he decides on ending up a marriage or a relation, he will do it in a decent and dignified manner. He mostly leaves a woman, who is too demanding no the sentimental front.

It is possible to avoid breakup with Capricorn lady if the man takes her dark mood lightly. He should be responsible, mature, reliable, logical, practical and respectful towards her lady.

Ridicule is the most dangerous element that spoils the relationship with Capricorn, so stay away from it. These qualities can save the bond and make life stable.